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Play a leadership role in the development of maternal electricity supplier babe network G20 pilot ma


G20 summit just past, the "construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy" as the theme of the world summit, the Hangzhou to the world’s media center, it is the birthplace of seclusion, also Chinese Internet economy innovation center. During the summit, when focusing on Hangzhou, including CCTV, CNN, Forbes, media not only will China as the economic transformation of the epitome of Alibaba, named for the first time on behalf of the new mobile business platform for science and technology innovation in Hangzhou babe network. This is a clear innovation growth path, is an important achievement of the G20, while in the non-standard products counter attack, new electricity supplier platform "big baby" babe network target market, is one of the representatives of the Internet community innovation.

after the summit, Hangzhou as the core of the Internet economy, the prosperity of the Congress began non-stop in Hangzhou, explore the "ultimate intelligence" Yunxi assembly, wins the "mother China maternal economic remodeling" babe network 2016 Chinese mother summit, the Internet on the road, running a "cloud computing" big data, cross-border the company’s container, and Chinese mother "shopping cart", All flowers bloom together., leading the trend, this is the charm of the internet.

October 11th, G20 2016 China Heat Power Summit, the summit hosted by maternal babe network, will be held in Hangzhou. At that time, many large coffee industry, opinion leaders, brands will gather in Hangzhou, including Tong Guili, Hangzhou Municipal Committee of national quality inspection of product quality supervision department director, Miao y babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun, senior vice president of good children in China, Xiufei package Nielsen Co vice president Ding Xia, Semir group Shao Feichun, general manager of the electricity supplier shell elements such as general manager Zhao Jingwei, nearly 1500 business leaders Han founder and CEO Feng Min, will be on the same day gongxiangshengju. The China Summit for the first time in the "mother, mother Chinese maternal economic remodeling" as the theme for the future development of the industry layout, maternal and child "mother economy" combing context.


maternal and child sector G20, the industry strong feast

is reported that the annual Chinese mother and child summit, as the mother of the industry’s top prosperity, has been much attention. The annual summit of the set, in addition to the analysis of industry trends, will be on the actual action to promote the development of maternal and infant industry. Last year, the summit to build Chinese quality creative power "as the theme, combing the Chinese maternal status of manufacturing, pointed out that the China mother brand" upgrade price "has the advantages of high quality, with thousands of brands and business cooperation, jointly issued a genuine declaration, in order to promote the upgrading of China maternal and infant industry. In addition, the summit babe network is announced, starting China quality made to support the project — "chigai plan", the plan will invest 5 hundred million, through financial support, tilt, traffic and other ways to support the high quality special recommendation Chinese brand mother, a time aroused fierce anti ringing. What is the theme of this year ‘s mother – infant summit and what practical measures will be taken,


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