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Wish introduced a new lending policy to sell home designated logistics delivery


] February 10th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed that before the introduction of the new cross-border electronic business platform Wish WishPost lending policy, for all Wish orders sent to the specified destination for fast prime.

according to the introduction of Wish, the current policy of the country has the following two logistics channels:

1.WishPost- in the post mail packet (Shanghai warehouse, Shenzhen warehouse, Guangzhou warehouse, Beijing warehouse), mainly in the target country: the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway;

2.WishPost- European economic package, the main target for the United kingdom.

use of the channel order, will be in the 20 day after day to airlines to state settlement. The hand navigation refers to the postal mail delivery has been through security escort companies to carry on the plane. When the order becomes available, the payment of the order will be paid in the next payment cycle (1 per month and $15 per month). Prior to this, have to wait until the formal completion of the order, the payment can be paid.

it is reported that access to fast loan offers sellers can get money faster in response to the pressure of capital flows. At present, the policy applies to the order after January 15, 2017.

actually, since last year, Wish through a number of preferential policies to guide the seller to use the specified quality logistics channels. In October last year, Wish post launched Wish escort program". The plan for the use of WishPost- after the start of the European economy and the European standard WishPost- packet packet delivery and the single order transaction amount is greater than $5 Wish package, if the logistics causes orders refund losses, will be a maximum of 50% active compensation transaction amount provided by the logistics company.

in November last year, Wish launched Wish Express overseas warehouse plan. The Wish Express project, the seller can independently report has the goods in warehouse overseas products, meet the conditions of Wish Express logistics aging products will get some local overseas positions inclined flow.

addition, Wish opened in March last year, even the implementation of the new deal to the seller the seller shipped, the order fulfillment time from 7 days to 5 days from the delivery time and delivery time to improve the logistics service requirements of Wish sellers. In October last year, Wish has also introduced a new deal for the delay in delivery of more than 10% of the merchant sentenced to suspend trading penalties.

data show that Wish was founded in December 2011, the main one thousand thousands of thousands of intelligent mobile shopping platform recommended. Announced earlier this year has received $50 million investment in Jingdong, the valuation reached $3 billion 500 million. November 2016 also received $500 million in financing, at present, Wish in the bank’s capital reserves have been as high as 10>


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