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Teng million such nouveau riche why marriage blessings are not always

(source: Xiao Qiaolai the


see the chart above, pro, you can’t help to boast talented artist! This is the three British war Ma rhythm


well, this is just announced on Friday, "the three nouveau riche" (Penguin, Wanda, Baidu) set up a joint venture company, to force 020, it is said that the new company with an investment of 5 billion yuan, a total investment of 5 years to 20 billion yuan, and Wanda holding 70% stake Baidu, penguin, each holding 15% stake.

is an interesting phenomenon, leaked the news of the marriage from the nouveau riche in the arena, filled with all kinds of God comments: "we predict that Wanda electricity supplier who released the most afraid of? Me, who is not afraid, do not go to Wanda electricity supplier. We keep the formation."

has said that weak together with a weaker combination, will not cause what deterrent to Ali, also influence the formation, but not the essence, Xiao look want to say is that the big three was founded by the new company said that the electricity supplier companies, but, strictly speaking, and ah, Jingdong business has different


Xiao look to the conference site, Wang Jianlin repeatedly stressed at the scene: Wanda electricity supplier first not kind, second do not sell goods, but sell services, positioning is the world’s largest O2O supplier, that is to say, Wanda electricity supplier model and Taobao Jingdong this kind of traditional business is quite different.

another gangster Ma Huateng at the scene also explains his understanding of the joint venture company: "now this name is not perfect, I think the word does make a lot of industry friends misunderstanding — is the three nouveau riche together again to have developed ten years and launched an electricity supplier in the field attack wrong, did not see the essence?. The electricity supplier of the word is not entirely accurate, more it is to use the Internet, mobile Internet to the huge untapped line of economic entity, to become intelligent use of mobile Internet technology has become wisdom and smart business may be more accurate."

Whether it is 020 or

wisdom of life, from a certain extent, the new joint venture is not simply a business can be summed up, however, you might say, Ali and intime is also the layout of the field ah, Xiao see that: the positioning of the two have certain difference. Wanda electricity supplier model is trying to build e-commerce O2O mode, Wanda has not only super, as well as commercial real estate, hotels, resorts and cinemas, wider coverage, the pursuit of experience is the integration of O2O full coverage, while Ali and intime cooperation more layouts in supermarkets, department store retail O2O model.

right, Wang Jianlin people also said that this has just begun, implication: the winner is really not sure! But, further, Xiao look think the Wanda mode terms or space, are slightly better than ali.

Let us look at the three

of the nouveau riche lineup: Wanda electricity supplier in the country this year will be opened.


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