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Before the price increase price ladder SF express is not to follow the trend of other

February 1st, if you want to use SF EXPRESS to distant provinces send parcels, may be a little more money, because the company began to implement the new express price, although to different parts of the standard express freight was up and down, but the overall increase in about 2%.

"the price adjustment, the main reason is not in response to rising costs, but the introduction of more sophisticated price management system," a SF EXPRESS told the "First Financial Daily" reporter pointed out, "such as the standard before only 13 SF express price two yuan and 22 yuan, now the price ladder will be more abundant."

according to the reporter, this is the second in 2011 the price of SF EXPRESS, after another round of price adjustment, but for four years, according to reporters from other courier companies to understand the situation, follow the trend of prices is not much different, it has a great relationship with other courier companies and SF EXPRESS customers positioning and pricing model.

according to the distance up or down

according to the "notice" issued in 2015 on the new SF EXPRESS price standard SF express, for example, the freight is not generally rise, but the rise and fall, of which more than 50% to maintain the original price, including Guangdong – Jiangxi, Fujian – Guangxi line of freight and even declined slightly. However, more than 800 kilometers of long-distance lines, such as Beijing – Shanxi, Shanghai – Sichuan, the first increase of 1~2 yuan.

reporters call the SF EXPRESS customer telephone also found, starting with Shanghai Express Express City as an example, the price has not changed, Shanghai to Sichuan express, the first weight increased from 22 yuan to 23 yuan, added weight from the original price of 10 yuan to 13 yuan, Shanghai to Urumqi express, the first heavy from 22 yuan to 24 yuan, added weight from the original price of 20 yuan to 21 yuan.

it is worth noting that, before this, the standard express SF, basically only two local price, 13 yuan, 22 yuan in the field, after a new round of price adjustment, the price ladder obviously increased a lot, bid farewell to the previous "one size fits all".

a SF EXPRESS told reporters, in addition to the standard express, the SF electricity supplier speeddating, fresh dating and medical service delivery at ease medicine prices have adjusted at room temperature, such as electricity match price is up and down, about 1% of the overall increase.

"in the past two years, the company in the transition from pure express delivery providers to integrated logistics providers, involving more and more products, more and more complex, it is necessary to set up a new price system." SF EXPRESS told reporters.

other courier prices difficult

after a lapse of four years, the price of SF has taken the first step, whether other courier companies will follow


reporter call four through a number of courier companies, there is no price adjustment. The courier company’s freight already than low SF a lot, and even the same express enterprises in different regions.


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