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Suning.com and a pinch each other means to deceive consumers


] June 6th news billion state power network, according to billion state power network to understand, yesterday, suning.com and micro-blog in the Amoy network each other publicly accused to deceive consumers, the price war has become a public relations war and propaganda.

    yesterday, suning.com published by micro-blog questioned a scouring network parity information, questioned the Amoy network technology and the mentality of the problem, and accused Ali should not only do athletes and referees. Appeal to consumers to experience the big price changes. Accused of scouring the network, did not monitor its special limit buying activities and second single half price and other activities.

and suning.com also said that the Alibaba group should not be both a player and the referee, suggesting that the electricity supplier platform are fake, smuggled goods, drug trafficking, smuggling, tax evasion and other issues.

night, Amoy network through micro-blog publicly accused suning.com to deceive consumers, to promote the large price, but the behavior of prices. A screenshot of suning.com will release a price of 3866 yuan to 3999 yuan price of the camera, and to remind consumers of the price war in their strange operation.

at the same time, the industry on a scouring network as Ali’s company can maintain a neutral position in June price war with a skeptical attitude. "Since the United States joined Tmall’s arms, a scouring immediately began to suning.com tit for tat." Insiders said that the hope that a more objective Amoy network.

Two of the competing interests subject

suning.com and a scouring network as large electricity providers to promote the continuous mutual disclosure, in order to win the trust of consumers.


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