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The new consumer law regret right to perform additional electricity suppliers is difficult not to re

the new law gives the consumer right to regret not to return the new electricity supplier category

column negative list online shopping does not return doubled

Pay attention to the new consumer law

Legal Evening News (reporter Li Song) last week began to implement the new consumer law, online shopping regret right to make online shopping have more choices. However, consumers have found in the return, in addition to the provisions of the new consumer law 4 does not apply to 7 days no reason to return the goods, electricity providers have to baby products, skin care cosmetics, food, health care products etc. included in the return range, types of goods can not be returned to the law more than 1 times.

found that the negative list does not return goods increased by

"can not be no reason to return 7 days? To find out, they own a set of regulations." Recently purchased a lot of baby products, quasi mother, Ms. Wang found that this can enjoy no reason to return the goods, the implementation of the standard business is not the same.

Ms. Wang said, he saw the new consumer law there are 4 types of goods does not apply no reason to return 7 days, but electricity providers have added a negative list on this basis, do not return double the growth species.

morning, reporters at the Jingdong, Taobao, suning.com, Amazon, shop No. 1 appliance business website, has not discovered electricity supplier list of goods, in addition to the 4 categories of goods new consumer law, many electricity providers also added some category.

, such as Jingdong mall, cosmetics, food and beverage, health supplies, maternal and child supplies are delineated in varying degrees in the negative list.

"these products are special commodities, if you come back, we will be sold to other customers, which is not safe for the next customer." Why do not extend the scope of the return, Jingdong mall staff explained.

electricity supplier add no return list

Amazon: food, beauty cosmetics category, a health care category, contract mobile phone, the price is higher than 500 yuan of watches and commodities, the price is higher than $300 jewelry class goods, such as

1 shop: food category, valuable category, personal care, personal class, virtual class, such as

Jingdong: jewelry and personal accessories category, food, health care products, personal care products, personal care products, cosmetics, virtual goods, such as

suning.com: virtual classes, vouchers, group purchase, service class, art and collectibles, luxury goods, watches priced above $500, commodity prices higher than 300 yuan jewelry commodities, beauty category, health food, pet, maternal and child classes, fitness equipment such as < /p>

said the agreement does not need to return in advance to classify

often online shopping, slightly on the new consumer law public Ho said: "the new consumer law, shall be not applicable no reason to return the product. Electricity supplier agreement is now over, this does not


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