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On the direction of enterprise website under the network marketing

with the network into the WEB2.0 era, the original domestic marketing has been unable to meet the needs of enterprises in the development of the network. We can look at Europe and the United States, more than 90% of the enterprises have established their own websites, and in China’s huge Internet users, enterprises have their own official website is only about 3000000.

about 3000000 enterprise website a lot? We look at the following data: Chinese currently has nearly 50 million enterprises, of which only about 3000000 enterprises have their own official website, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 95% of the enterprises have no official website. Enterprise website market is very large, and what kind of site will also become a topic of concern.

enterprise web site, which has the characteristics of different from other sites, can not be used to make a website module. We have to understand the needs of enterprise site, through the collection of large amounts of data analysis, mainly to consider the following two aspects:

a, enterprise website to pay attention to what

before doing anything, we need to know that we are doing this on purpose, so as to "needle medicine". Among them, the purpose of building the official website is to allow a large group of web browsing can be fast, convenient, professional understanding of their products related information, resulting in the desire to buy. In this regard, in particular, to emphasize fast, convenient, professional six words. It can be said that all the network browser, at least there will be such a psychological, hope to open a web site is faster, if the site a little delay, do not have to want to know about website information desires, and should pay attention to the enterprise website website open speed. For a buyer, he did not have much interest in spending a long time on the site to find product information, he would like to be able to open the site will be able to find the relevant product information at a glance. So we have to consider the enterprise website convenient and professional, the release of product information, to use short, attractive title, with direct and clear information to express your selling products, according to the most likely visitors swarm type body will browse your this information content to adjust your release pay special attention to product information, concise content. Summary of a word – enterprise website needs to quickly open, easy to find, find professional product information.

two, corporate Web site which features

enterprise website is not a web portal, do not need those columns with mixed function. Enterprise web page should function, clear classification, Jane especially seductive, let your visitors will not have the emotional upset, can go to consult a commercial navigation network such as network 66. Here, with particular emphasis on some small functions, 1 instant messaging, it allows us to receive timely feedback information and on the spot to the voice of customers customers; 2 forum function, not only can be a good collection of customer tracking of the relevant opinions and suggestions, and to the customer heart buried a seed, which can achieve the purpose of long-term cooperation; 3 data download function, so that customers can easily and detailed understanding of the relevant.


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