How far away from Jingdong

express reporter Hong Wenfeng

    6· in the past; 18 electricity suppliers war, Tencent electricity supplier’s fast and easy to disclose the transaction amount more than 100 million yuan, a record high; the Jingdong to disclose the data more scary, June 17th -19, three days of Lao special scored 5 billion yuan transactions. This seems to be compared with the elephant ants, are "bangdakuan" style of play fast and easy to scale or far worse than Jingdong. However, suppliers compete in the figures behind the transaction, the two B2C game player described is another story attractive scene when the Jingdong moved the proud logistics ace, fast and easy to faster delivery, more storage back, also moved out of the imperial Tencent.

Jingdong every day can gather tens of millions of users but the magnitude of the day, the Tencent but several billion level, in the Tencent platform, brand can get massive exposure in a very short period of time, this is not the same with other platforms, easy fast CEO Bu Guangqi day before the supplier meeting to more than and 500 suppliers from the home appliance, communication, digital IT and department four categories described the Tencent backed by Empire fast and easy open platform. The flow of funds in the user group Tencent and IT technology based on resource advantages, including easy fast for the brand manufacturers to build financial platform for the integration of the supply chain platform, big data platform, open platform, unified logistics supply chain, the four core platform. Also in the open platform, Jingdong CMO Lanye recently also revealed there will be a big action recently, the logistics system of its own Jingdong is the trump card to attract suppliers. In contrast, the Jingdong to the supplier the story is how quickly the sellers, and Yi Xun is on the basis of adding "Penguin brand strength".

Tencent integrated into the electricity supplier war

"when we have such a huge Internet platform and the user, may not always be in a purely online world to provide users with value, we think that e-commerce is a window open to the real world of the internet." Tencent electricity supplier CEO Wu Xiaoguang described the significance of the electricity supplier in the imperial Tencent. In simple terms, the Tencent for the electricity supplier’s ambition is not only "sellers", but the use of Tencent to create a one-stop service platform for integrated marketing brands. Tencent has the media, community, content, entertainment, how to create a platform for the integration of marketing vendors, we have been committed to explore the difference of the model". Wu Xiaoguang said, at the end of last year, the Tencent electricity decided to easy fast as the breakthrough point, this year with HUAWEI, ZTE, Samsung, Hisense and other mobile phone brand manufacturers cooperation test of integrated marketing, in the explosion of a very good response to the single product marketing, for manufacturers, Tencent business attraction is to enhance the brand influence.

Bu Guangqi said that the current Tencent has 800 million QQ registered users, WeChat users, as well as Tips, e-mail and other precise touch channel and data mining technology, easy to help


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