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New e-commerce BMC direct purchase model to deal with the problem of integrity weapon

with the gradual deepening of the Internet into people’s daily lives, online shopping has gradually become a part of people’s pursuit of fashion life. The Internet enables the commodity to flow rapidly, has created the huge profits for the producer, also has made the important contribution for the social economy development. After 10 years of development, e-commerce has witnessed the convenience and great value of the Internet to the whole society and people’s life. However, we should be more surprise in some of the problems currently existing in the electronic commerce seriously think about it, this paper discuss the credit problems of e-commerce, a little premature for reference.

first, there are serious problems in e-commerce

the principle of good faith is not only a basic principle of the contract law, but also the basis of the market economy in which producers, distributors and individuals can gain more economic benefits. The electronic commerce enterprise wants to establish, through the concept of integrity education to realize the concept of integrity but, in the process of spreading the concept of integrity as, establish a more comprehensive system, electronic commerce mode optimization is the most important. At present our country Internet legal norms lack of circumstances, enterprises should take the improvement of the e-commerce credit rules of responsibility, take the electronic commerce more reasonable operation mode, and not be complacent, and actively explore is the key and core to promote the development of the. At present, C2C and B2C in the electronic commerce mode, basically rely on credit rating to determine the honest credit rating sale, credit problem we cannot deny that this rule can to some extent solve the seller. However, the ability to fundamentally solve it, from a variety of services to provide special brush credibility can be seen, it is impossible. Whether it is some shopping QQ group, or some of the other webmaster forum, we can see a lot of professional technical staff to provide such brush credit services, and some have even formed a team. One can imagine that the credibility of the grade evaluation of the number of problems. At the same time, some small personal shop in the case of others to raise the credibility of the credit, they have to invest in this way to improve the credibility of the invisible increase in the burden of some personal entrepreneurship. The defect credit rating has exposed credit problems existing in electronic commerce to a certain extent at the same time, also exposed cheating can obtain higher profit level and provide services, cheating can get more profits, the occurrence of such a situation how to achieve the integrity of the concept of enterprise want education deeply.

two, e-commerce BMC direct purchase model to deal with the merits of good faith

is the abbreviation of man-Consumer Business-Middle BMC English, it is the first set of style management, chain management, interpersonal network, traditional finance, electronic commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B) and other traditional e-commerce model merits.soon, solves the bottleneck of the development of B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B and other traditional e-commerce mode. Is B2M and M>


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