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Good goods 1 yuan gift 49.9 yuan second special purchases for the Spring Festival Gome online open s

at the beginning of the new year, Spring Festival is approaching, when the major electricity supplier engaged in low-cost clearing and other promotional activities, the United States online portrait back to launch a good goods 1 yuan second "Madden activities. 2014, Gome online performance by leaps and bounds in the case of a steady rise trend free from arrogance and impetuosity launched the Christmas, new year, on the big big theme day super promotion efforts, and the activities for consumers to send year-end surprise



1 yuan good goods, such as the United States and cheap price spike

the big lie open 36 days "together", the United States online with a strong supply chain advantage of low-cost Rangli consumers, huge benefits to grab stop. For example, the recent launch of the department store, 1 yuan seconds is the breakdown of low-cost, tilt feedback. Gome online selecting Tibet Honghua Rhodiola Aqua whitening face mask, let you enjoy the beautiful land far away from the noisy, whitening and hydrating mask, 4 +2 of Alpine dew grass Moisture Comfort Mask, premium price spike only 1 yuan. Yishilandun net pox India from herbal cream, professional acne acne acne acne from India, acne, Unisex, original price 39 yuan, only 1 yuan price spike! Let your new year ruddy, New Year! There are three and QOOC, were West Lake Longjing Tea food storage cup 3 loaded puree and other goods only 1 yuan, 1 yuan in today’s society can do what? You know!


tea drinks 3 fold low none

Spring Festival, friends and family reunion party drink not wine add to the fun, the twentieth Century launch of the Erguotou classic representative of Beijing Red Star Red Star Erguotou 43 degrees, eight year old 750ml blue bottles, 29 yuan can enjoy high Fen! If you need to appeal, or focus on health, France’s Chateau Lafite Legende red Wine FCL 750ml*6 bottles for only 399 yuan, the high-end atmosphere on the grade dinner gift times have face! Daming Fen is the Department of No. 1 spring and autumn Tieguanyin 250g for only 49 yuan! Yijiangnan brand Yunnan Pu’er Tea, select Yunnan Dayezhong drying green tea, Pu’er tea pot 85g for only 25 yuan! The new year tea is must have high quality and inexpensive welcoming.


home premium gift 49.9 yuan special purchases for the Spring Festival

Spring Festival, family reunion, greetings, delicious dry cargo added deep affection. Oh fine fried family eight happiness gift 1354g quality, roasted seeds and nuts, high-end atmosphere, containing fragrant crab crab bean; melon seeds, dried bananas, beef flavor and other characteristics of orchid bean dry cargo, large amount of only 49.9 yuan, the absolute value! Pakistan monkey mysterious spree, containing macadamia nuts, almond, hazelnut, pecan, California, cranberry, strawberry dried prunes, black currant, activities price for only 69 yuan! In addition, origin of the direct supply of authentic northeast Wuchang rice 4 kilograms, natural quality, full particles, rich flavor, sold at 29.9 yuan per kilogram, the price is not.


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