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Heng O2O will go to the center of WeChat connect millions shop

[Abstract] bring paper towels, sanitary napkins and other daily necessities, many consumers will think on this brand. It is reported that the line more than 100 stores in the terminal sales Hengan products.

now, Heng because don’t want to be the candidate of goods, so choose to take the initiative, relying on the powerful resources under the line to start a overweeningly ambitious on the metamorphosis.

learned billion state power network, Heng has within the proposed name "shelf extension plan" project O2O. The project will be based on WeChat this tool, connecting millions of terminal stores and many users.



model first hand Xiamen convenience store,

in the future, consumers can see in the convenience store, Heng opened up a virtual shelves area. The area through the display panels have no stock shop in commodity, consumers can scan the code through the WeChat way orders and payments, or directly to the mall to buy WeChat. After the completion of the purchase, consumers can choose to mention from the store, or convenience store delivery.

convenience store chain is the starting point of the project, this Heng in-depth consideration. According billion state power network understanding, Heng offline business involves many different forms of sales terminals, but large supermarket distribution is too wide, the individual shops and difficult system, only the convenience store chain easy to control, suitable for early test. With the geographical advantages of Xiamen see Fu convenience store chain has become the first partner heng. It is reported that blessing in Xiamen has more than and 300 stores, covering almost all areas of Xiamen.

Heng business general manager Yang Bin to billion state power network, small convenience stores only provide much-needed products, unlike large supermarkets as a whole category of goods, so hope to add goods to Heng small convenience stores by way of the virtual shelf.

in order to truly improve the market increment, to meet the potential demand of consumers, Heng were carefully selected on the virtual shelves for goods, and ultimately determine the three types: first, selling goods, such as the usage of a month of toilet paper; two, new products, because of the line channel distribution can be slow, virtual shelves to help consumers buy instant Heng new products, such as cold use handkerchief paper and wet glasses; three, cross category of goods, such as adult diapers.

in this new layout, large supermarkets and Street store shelves are undergoing new changes.

control input clever use of offline resources


O2O project will make full use of existing resources and human ", strengthen the controllable investment. Yang Bin believes that if the O2O project requires self built channels and facilities, will face huge investment and unpredictable problems.

According to

billion state power network to understand, was originally responsible for the Fujian stores marketing managers in the future not only to Hengan Group and control.


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