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Thunder said it has covered one hundred million nternet users worldwide

[Abstract] more than a year, the thunder client software has been installed on more than 75 million computers, the use of thunder Internet users has exceeded the number of 100 million!" Yesterday, held in the city high tech Zone, hundreds of Internet companies into the thunder activities now

field, the thunder President Zou Shenglong to the City Branch letter Bureau of the hundreds of Internet Peer responsible person and the city of Shenzhen announced the news.

three years focus on the achievement of global download engine "overlord"

in see clearly that the Internet industry in the field of instant messaging, Tencent QQ, online games, Shanda mailbox field NetEase, the field of search engines such as Baidu and Google have strong opponents, Zou Shenglong, Cheng Hao two founder eventually will be the main research field of thunder, focused on the Internet Download engine services.

thunder "cover" one hundred million of global Internet users

thunder in the accumulation of huge number of users at the same time, the website and profit model also achieved a breakthrough. In June this year, the full introduction of the Thunder Thunder online, the site visits also quickly in the national internet station 20, this year is expected to top ten. With the site of this platform, the thunder began to enter the film and television release and


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