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PK double 11! Scouring the sea Amoy final great benefit war

once a year the double 11 shopping event is coming soon, the major electricity supplier platform have been eager for a fight. Here, Tmall beat O2O brand new, competing with Jingdong secretly; there Gome as low as half off… A time of the big business electricity supplier you come to me, in Amoy than learning to catch up, bustling..

and in 11 in the coming two Amoy grand occasion, scouring the sea also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Recently, the sea Amoy well-known shopping guide website third party information platform Hai360 sea Amoy network carefully introduced the sea Amoy preferential competition program, throughcontrastive double 11 Tmall goods discount price and double 11 sea Amoy, Amoy to help you better and cheaper goods. Double 11 PK, sea Amoy will be the best campaign in the end!

a, Timberland Tim Bai Lan men’s sailing shoes


Tmall price: 1209 yuan

sea Amoy price: About 346 yuan

Li Province: 944 yuan

two, Levi’s Levis mens jeans


Tmall price: 799 yuan

sea Amoy price: About 185 yuan

Li Province: 614 yuan

three, UGG BAILEY BUTTON snow boots MINI


Tmall price: 1403 yuan

sea Amoy price: About 494 yuan

Li Province: 906 yuan

four, Gymboree gold baby baby love knot lantern corduroy trousers


Tmall price: 269 yuan

sea Amoy price: 130 yuan

Li Province: 139 yuan

double 11, not the same price! Find a peace of mind to save the trouble of the reliable station to bid farewell to the country Amoy! Love is to "price" out. The sea was more troublesome prices as much as in the Hai360 sea Amoy network 11 double column:http://s.hai360.com/huodong/ssy2013/



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