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recently, controlled by the Beijing daily newspaper group "search Beijing" (www.beijingso.com) mobile phone (www.beijingso.mobi) website domain name was registered in the event of speculation raise a Babel of criticism of the internet. Prior to this, the Beijing search has been silent, it is pointed out that the Beijing search and Beijing search phone domain completely unrelated.

It is reported that

.Mobi, the domain name is the world’s only designed for mobile phone and mobile terminal equipment to build the domain name, ICANN is approved by the new international top-level domain, which is committed to mobile Internet information is transmitted to the mobile phone. Ericsson, GSM, Google, Microsoft, NOKIA, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse technology, T-Mobile and other top global mobile phone manufacturers and related industry associations. Currently, sina.mobi, baidu.mobi and other well-known domain names have been registered. From the relevant person in charge of the relevant part of the site,.Mobi mobile phone domain name is not registered by their company but was the first to note, and said the same name site mobile version. This is difficult to reach a consensus on the site management, especially worried about the use of the site’s reputation has a negative impact, and high priced acquisition of.Mobi phone domain name.

mentioned in the Beijing search will not be expensive to buy beijingso.mobi issue, the site operator said: there is no plan. Beijing search is a life information search portal, a full range of services to the people of Beijing and the capital. Mobile version is still under development, users can directly access the wap.beijingso.com domain name, and will not be affected by external conditions. In addition, a good website is not only the domain name to attract people, but also users needed content. Although the beijingso.mobi named Beijing search mobile phone version, but without any relationship between search and Beijing. If there is a person or company to use the Beijing search mobile phone domain name dissemination of improper information, and the negative impact on the search in Beijing, will retain the right to legal prosecution. In December 1st, Beijing will officially open beta search.

In fact,

domain name has been the site of the front, can be all kinds of domain name is also with the development of the Internet to expand. Recently, ICANN began to test the pure Chinese domain name cybersquatting event, it is difficult to avoid. In order to protect their right of domain name, or to prepare in advance, verify that your domain name is registered, don’t wait until I found the registration has been registered. At the same time, also hope that some people should not malicious cybersquatting, to destroy the healthy development of the industry.


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