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Division Yi Home aimed at social electricity providers to bring Meng Meng shop to play precise marke

news May 10th, the day before, skin care brand barbarians announced with the mobile social networking platform adorable shop officially reached a strategic cooperation, who settled in the flagship store, develop new sales channels.

it is understood that after the MOE Meng shop, the division will be the home of the flagship store brand unified supply of the way, the whole network unified products and prices. However, the barbarians home did not deny the possibility of on-line special offer products, "the brand will take into account the differences between channels, provide for products and special offer products for individual platform."

mobile electricity supplier has been an important strategic layout of the company, has also been working hard in this regard." Division of the person in charge of the operation, said the brand together Meng shop, the purpose is to enhance the overall brand influence and sales through more platforms to quickly expand market coverage.

insiders said, beauty skin care products is the mobile end consumers buy one of the highest frequency category, because the mobile terminal shoppers to young group are higher acceptance of skin care products, so the barbarians choice with social practices be not at all surprising business platform. At the same time, with the help of MOE store distribution system, the division of the family can also establish a direct connection between consumers and brands, the rapid realization of channel sink, thus precision marketing.

According to

billion state power network to understand, barbarians, belong to the Hunan royal house exchange group, has been founded ten years. In addition to the barbarians outside the house, royal house exchange also owns the mud Fang, Yao Hua flower, small Mihu brand.


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