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Double eleven Suning super warehouse network expansion again, up to half a day the next day city com

self logistics business enterprise, the main purpose is to build the core competitiveness of the super service experience, especially in the "double eleven" such a universal shopping section, and improve the service experience, will greatly increase the consumer. From this point of view, 20 years has been self built logistics road Suning actually has a Xianshengduoren advantage.

nearly double eleven, Suning logistics recently reported by the media a lot of new expansion warehouse put into use in the message, the more advanced storage system, more intelligent and efficient collaboration, let Su Ning up to half a day, the next day service in the vast majority of the city in full bloom, Suning logistics is put forward "the quality of life that is, to enjoy the service.


intelligent automation is the core focus on improving logistics efficiency

has been due to the profound accumulation, Suning in the electricity industry is chasing the storage reserves, as of June this year, the storage area of nearly 5 million square meters. This year, Suning is in the expansion of the warehouses around the expansion of the "smart" "automation" these two keywords, the goal is to improve logistics efficiency.

in Shanghai Suning logistics base in Fengxian as an example, automatic upgrade just completed investment of nearly 80 million yuan, not only increased the attic shelf, and put 6 km conveyor, 6000 group of DPS electronic label, a planting wall length of 300 meters of the cross belt sorting machine, and a set of intelligent WCS control system software the hardware equipment, makes the warehouse delivery capacity reached 1 million / day, delivery efficiency is increased to an average of 1.2 hours to complete a package library, effectively improving the 50% people. Shorten the turnover of the order, directly driving the speed of distribution, Shanghai consumers can get their own goods faster.

series of small storage hardware updates, large storage and new expansion of the country have also put into operation. Suning in Nanning, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou large positions in the new extension of the use of mechanization and automation of operation, making Guangxi, Gansu, Henan area large household appliances distribution up to half a day, the full realization of the next day.

at the beginning of November, Suning fifth generation logistics base – located in Nanjing Yuhua two automated warehouse will be officially put into use, in the current can be described as Asia’s intelligent logistics center, the use of a large number of international advanced automation equipment, generated from a regular order to commodity package library, the fastest up to 30 minutes. During this year’s 818 fever Festival, the logistics center has appeared in the live broadcast, but only the tip of the iceberg, and we look forward to it is about to unveil the veil.

warehouse layout to lead the industry to build an increasingly competitive logistics

In addition to this, Suning

in warehousing and more advanced action. At present, Suning in the center position in North China region in Beijing, Shandong if consumers buy FMCG, 3C, maternal commodities such as suning.com, goods originating from Beijing warehouse, aging coverage of Shandong area is relatively weak, no >


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