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Baidu Nuomi girls’ Festival affordable unprecedented cinema K song just 3 block 7

March 6th, Baidu completed the brand integration of glutinous rice network, officially changed its name to Baidu Nuomi, in order to repay the majority of users, to celebrate the girls’ Festival, Baidu Nuomi will be officially launched in March 7th "there is always a large-scale promotional activities in female, the Baidu Nuomi 3 – 7 girls nationwide pet girls section, a single group cover the categories of eating and drinking, play music and other related fields.


a total of three days, during this period, all consumers through Baidu Nuomi group purchase, and complete consumption in March 7th to 9, not limited period of time, not limited screenings, watching movies, K song all the 3 pieces of 7! For example, a 30 yuan ticket users after the purchase, group purchase, as long as the completion of consumption in 7, 8, 9 and three days, then Baidu Nuomi will be in the user consumption verification within 10 minutes after the 26.3 yuan in cash returned to the user’s account balance, so that the user actually only need to spend 3.7 yuan to enjoy a movie visual feast.

at the same time, during the Baidu Nuomi 3 – 7 girls Festival, all hotel group orders and the vast majority of food and beverage group single consumer discount of less than 63% off, and the complete breakdown of the group purchase price discounts the bottom line, let a person be struck dumb. It is understood that the 731 theater Baidu Nuomi the event will cover 130 city nationwide, 2214 KTV, 4308 hotels and 7875 restaurants, during the Baidu Nuomi profit scale is expected to exceed one hundred million yuan.

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Baidu Nuomi 3 – 7 girls Festival said, we hope that through this activity in real concessions, let more consumers can truly enjoy the pleasure of life in group purchase, Baidu Nuomi, our delivery is not only a kind of consumption mode, but a young fashion concept of life. March 7th one day before the girls’ Day is not your age, but your attitude, even if you are over five years old, but as long as there is a young heart, Baidu Nuomi girls’ Day is also your exclusive festival.

and he also introduced to Baidu Nuomi also conducted a comprehensive upgrade service system, pioneered the audience casually back service mechanism in the industry, the service life of all single support group is not spending a refund policy, from the fundamental solution to the customer service service industry group purchase from criticism, and Baidu Nuomi will also be in the future from many aspects, allowing users to feel the money more peace of mind "group purchase experience.


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