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From the end of eleven double trademark can prohibit others completely use controversial

in November approaching, many electricity providers eager for a fight began to prepare for "double eleven". Ahead of January more than, preheat promotion has been launched in various media platforms. However, the carnival has not yet arrived, "trademark war" is the first to. According to the media reported the day before, recently received the "notice" a letter to Ali, Ali has been called "double eleven" registered trademark licensing, Tmall will "double eleven" trademark exclusive right, protected by law, other commercial enterprises use "double eleven" "blind Amoy" propaganda words, which constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition, have hurt all too, will be rights through legal channels.

Ali: registered "double eleven" don’t show IQ limelight

light network reporter found in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office website, Ali to Alibaba group holdings company name, get 10136470th "double eleven" trademark in December 2012, and in the thirty-fifth class, 38 class, 41 class and other related categories on the application and registration of the "double eleven" and "double eleven" Carnival Festival and a series of trademark.

so, Tmall announcement letter is true? Ali whether the prohibition of other businesses to use "double eleven" advertising


Guangming reporter called Ali aspects of the staff, the staff responded that all the latest news Tmall official prevail, not to prohibit the use of this trademark other electricity supplier.

reporter Tmall official Bo pointed out, Tmall launched the double eleven is everyone’s double eleven." The announcement did not expressly prohibit other businesses to use "double eleven" trademark, but said it would strive to build a "global shopping Carnival", called on other electricity supplier and the store "and show IQ, on this day the limelight,…… Together to create a global double eleven".

According to the

industry person, Jingdong has now on advertising "with low price, buy a really" and "blind Amoy" slogan, Lenovo earlier "circular letter" mentioned in the "blind Amoy" and "fake" and other slogans, the "other business" seems to prove safety of Jingdong.

Jingdong Suning dual response: legal compliance means unjust

Ali for "double eleven" registered trademark practice, Jingdong official said in response, "11.11 (sorry now I do not know whether to say" double eleven ") has become the retail industry Festival, but also the consumer online shopping Carnival", the business enterprise to the media and the electricity supplier companies set up obstacles to the spirit of the Internet and fair competition contrary to the principle of openness, is "by the name of the law, the monopoly of the real behavior."

in addition, the Jingdong said he would "open" 618 anniversary next year, the Jingdong will GF "Heroes", warmly invite friends colleagues "participate in 618 online shopping carnival, common for consumers to bring benefits and interests."

yesterday, suning.com also released "on the ten trademark advertising ban statement", "online shopping promotions and not a business’ personality > hair


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