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Look at the development trend of micro business from the first micro Business Expo

recently, China’s first micro Business Expo held in Guangzhou. The current micro business fair is in the Ministry of Commerce guidance, China Federation of Commerce, China micro Industry Alliance organized by the Guangdong local E-Commerce Association has also given great support. The Expo chiefs gathered, all Internet celebrities have for the Expo site, I also have the honor to participate in the micro Business Expo, then, we see from the first derivative of Expo micro business development trend.


The concept of

derivative of the earliest Xing in the early development of WeChat, China Internet marketing people’s sense of smell is sensitive, when a new Internet product, as Internet marketing practitioners are concerned, the first reaction is: can use the platform for marketing? The answer is yes, the WeChat development in recent years, but also the micro taking vigorous development in recent years, the birth of numerous Internet, women’s cosmetics brand, brand mask jade jade jewelry seller, "recruit agents" emerge in an endless stream. The most barbaric growth of micro business brand, the current market has gone through the early stages of the first round of market. Not the core competitiveness of products businesses have been drained or abandon agent. Tencent official also introduced micro needle for taking illegal measures to recruit agents, a time of the micro brands complain incessantly.


: a derivative product in amazing common attributes: Wang Tong teacher in the previous articles have pointed out that women earn money than men earn money comes easily, the female is the impulse of animal, impulsive consumption in its consumption occupies the most. Looking at the micro Business Expo, we will find the venue in all participating companies probably more than 95% of the female cosmetics brand, from the mask to underwear, from the breast to female care to jade, about 5% people dazzled the remaining are some outsourcing service providers to WeChat and WeChat two times the development of services in the whole the venue, I couldn’t find a male supplies, but the traditional cosmetics companies such as the white beam, Han and other brands also enter the field of micro business. We usually see in the circle of friends of WeChat jade jade, jewelry, jade, luxury goods and other products are not seen in the micro expo. Thus, for micro business consumption and pay the crowd, most of the current focus on female users.

two: Micro brand reincarnation: derivative market is too chaotic, the unknown small brands, OEM products emerge in an endless stream, even though the first round of market has not eliminated all kinds of consumer category and brand out of the assorted but because WeChat users, based on a large number of poor quality products in the market environment is still under have a living space. Women’s products are currently the main business of the micro series, in addition to cosmetics, skin care products, underwear, jade and other products, men’s products in jade, luxury goods, leather goods, etc. the most popular. With the micro business market in the major brands of traditional companies continue to enter, the future of the micro business market, I am afraid that there are still more than half of the traditional brand enterprises will occupy, as is known to all, WeChat circle of friends social >


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