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China’s foreign trade enterprises ready to meet foreign trade e-commerce

              golden age the arrival of the enterprise, they see the direction and hope, they know that twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can, they know that made in China, a Alibaba, they had rolled in the traditional B2B platform, with mud. But the overseas market still seems far away.

has a heart to make it easier to export

Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Secretary Wang Shouwen said that the current Chinese has more than and 70 enterprises with foreign trade rights, but the real to carry out foreign trade import and export business of only more than and 20 million, "why has more than and 50 enterprises to do foreign trade, because the trade platform is relatively small, is also the foreign trade barriers to entry is more, they do?

good market prospect at the same time, the traditional enterprise development of electronic commerce in foreign trade, overseas marketing will be difficult, service platform is not stable, cultural differences, customer service, payment security and other problems.

this is also a number of domestic electricity supplier companies need to study the problem. This is the big boss — provide overseas marketing solutions for the bizark, days before the launch of the "global export", it is through rigorous detailed market analysis, basic construction, professional and reliable operation support for small and medium sized foreign trade enterprises tailored personalized marketing promotion, help enterprises to open overseas markets in the international, to establish their own brand.

global export of "the biggest feature is the direct point of inquiry, it is different from the traditional B2B model and mass collective bidding enquiry enquiries after the auction, let the overseas customer purchase intention in the full understanding of enterprises on the basis of the implementation of. Customers from the target market, and to search through the input keywords, in a variety of overseas marketing bizark’s help, to find and enter the enterprise website, after the image of enterprises, and fully understand the product qualification, separate inquiry issued. Vice president of bizark single Liang said that the direct point of inquiry is a single customer inquiry intention based on the understanding of the products, with a more targeted to the inquiry, greatly improving the conversion rate and the success rate of inquiry. Among the customers of the four seas, there were even 5 inquiries in which there were 2 records of orders.

elements of a full range of overseas well-known

electricity supplier for China’s foreign trade enterprises and overseas markets set up a bridge between.

insiders said, "the difference of global export" to help domestic enterprises in foreign trade, culture, language habits and so on, through the target groups of social culture and behavior understanding, designed to meet overseas users browsing habits of the page, but also through a variety of overseas marketing, creating the brand characteristics of the one and only for the enterprise, to avoid the small and medium-sized enterprises in the use of traditional B2B platform encounter market >


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