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The electricity supplier who let soft Wen promotion a trend which cannot be halted as the tsunami

in the Internet e-commerce, ninety percent webmaster friends know the importance of soft propaganda, but through the search engine to find the information users need a geometric growth, resulting in the website ranking, SEO technology was born. And the original articles accounted for a large proportion. Ranking is important, how to better enhance the value of the original article, the transformation is the need to pay attention to.

because the soft, cost-effective, and achieve the effect can not be ignored, the rise of expansion of personal and corporate network popularity, the network brand, even big companies like Haier, the 500 companies are also in use in this way.

The reason why the

soft received much attention, in fact, is the direct cause of the rise in the price of hard advertising effect, in addition to the text form of soft Wen, other forms of advertising to show rising costs. Another reason is that the soft has a very high price. There are different ways of writing in the soft writing.

a, questions: to the title of the problem, the article detailed analysis of the solution, from which the product, the characters interspersed, the formation of soft advertising. For example, "how to make a thirty year old man to grow another 1 cm?", "cancer water is really?", "what makes a woman look? Reborn" and so on, through the questions caused by ideas and topics, to attract attention.

to answer questions in the main text, when the answer can be added to the need to promote some of the characters, products, cross infiltration.

two, small story: Haier in the promotion of the brand, to create influence, in which the story of the factory employees, life, the story of the description. Is also one of my favorite. For example: the day of Haier employees, 120 million do not go to buy the recipe, magic insulin

The story of

is a kind of form which is generally accepted by people, and it should be full of knowledge, rationality and interest.

three, emotional type: the emotional expression of soft text convey a large amount of information on the target population targeted. For example: "woman, your name is angel", "I fight with acne 30 days", etc..

people have feelings, few are cold-blooded, feeling most easy to impress people more easily affect the hearts of consumers, and even consumers take the initiative to seek out relevant information. So, the emotional type of marketing, but also has endless refinement.


type: the intimidation tactics, needs to have a good grasp of the text control, and not too in fact, the form of intimidation effect than benign topic, more deepen the impression effect. For example: "hypertension, precursor to heart disease!", "easy to fracture, the performance of calcium!".

this form, the need to use the word rigorous, we must grasp the degree. Text control requirements are higher. At present, I see this kind of ads are usually in the form of psoriasis ads show.



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