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Jingdong open platform in the first quarter of 2014, real-time settlement

[IT] (Zhang Juan) Sohu news July 29th, Jingdong today announced the launch of open platform technology, logistics, financial services, the four support plan to become partners, targeting sellers solution provider. It is worth noting that the Jingdong will further open storage and distribution services, in the third quarter of 2013 will be the realization of public payment and automatic billing, the first quarter of 2014 to achieve real-time settlement.

      1. Technical support: perfect operation support

in the business system upgrade, will optimize the system, business shop assistant, IM product and other products continue to upgrade;

operations, can fully support the business of warehousing and distribution services, and support businesses self service team;

traffic support, Jingdong through multiple entry, multi exposure and other methods to strengthen the store shop display, and through the closed loop to avoid traffic flow.

two, logistics support: open storage and distribution

plans to provide a one-stop logistics services, including warehousing, distribution, sale, customer service, etc., and support B2C, B2B, the official website, stores, wholesale services required multi-channel and supply chain services.

among them, Jingdong’s open storage includes self (Asia one) and three party warehousing. Jingdong distribution is open self distribution, third party courier, cash on delivery with the chain, such as the distribution of services for the seller of the third party.

three, service support

Jingdong for the seller to provide 400 phone calls and IM independent after-sales service, the customer can contact the seller through the extension number, commodity number, order number, to achieve the purchase consulting, service acceptance. Jingdong also provides support for open platform businesses, service management training and tools to protect the system.

four, financial support: settlement will be achieved in real time to provide merchant financing services

in clearing services, will further streamline the business financial approval process, to achieve order after the completion of the immediate arrival; take the invoice, the Jingdong will realize automatic billing, active mailing, and provide real-time query function. Is expected in the third quarter of 2013, the Jingdong will realize the public payment and automatic billing, will achieve real-time settlement and collaboration platform for the first quarter of 2014. Jingdong will also provide financial services to help solve the financial problems of sellers.

Jingdong vice president and general manager of open platform business Kui Ying Chun said that over the past 1 years, the Jingdong open platform monthly sales of less than 100 thousand of the sellers to achieve a 175% sales growth rate; monthly turnover of 100 thousand -100 million seller growth rate reached 210%; monthly turnover of 1 million yuan to the big sellers also realized steady growth.

Jingdong in the future will focus on the focus of the seller to support these key sellers, including various types of TOP >


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