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Dry cargo Taobao in 2015 to change the depth of interpretation rules

in 2015 after the new rules change, many small partners have encountered the following problems:

1 traffic fell

2 with a single brush before the effect of a single gimmick changed

3 train is more difficult to open the

4 single product explosion on the shop to help smaller

so why would these changes happen? Is it going to be a failure of Taobao, Ma is going to run with his sister-in-law?

of course not, but this is Taobao once again modified gameplay, as long as we are familiar with these changes, and actively make changes, there will be traffic, the conversion rate will be, there will be some sister-in-law.

well, Taobao in the new rules of this change, what made what changes? These changes will produce what kind of influence? How do we want to actively respond? Here to listen to the cold slowly.


Taobao increased the individual parts in the search rules and traffic rules, which is from the miraculous thousand thousand faces, is mainly caused by the traffic into large changes.

thousands of people face, that is, personalized label system, Taobao through the various dimensions of the data, so that users and shops are labeled, and based on these tags to provide personalized service.

is not only individual of 15 years, 14 years Taobao introduced a personalized, but the proportion is not heavy, but 15 years, Taobao greatly increased the importance of personalized, which had great influence on the individual and the shops.

personalization is the core of the label, then the label system is what kind of situation? Do not understand a good label, is not playing now Taobao oh.

personal label

The core of the thousand faces of Taobao

, is to give users and sellers are labeled, Taobao will be based on the various factors of the user’s age, consumption, shopping habits, preferences and other commodities, the different account marked corresponding labels, to join the corresponding label personalized search results in search results.

in 14 years, after a search account, the home page of the results of the first, there may be only 10 of the products are personalized labels corresponding to the product, the other is the result of the search results of the 34 sort of weight. In 15 years, the results of the search results will be the result of the 44 50%-60% tags are personalized products, and this proportion will be growing.

is not difficult to understand, Taobao hopes that all users in the search, can be more convenient to find suitable for his products, reduce the selection time, increase the conversion rate, providing a better user experience.

we are currently unable to visually distinguish from the search results which is a personalized result, but for the average user, >


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