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DC widescreen display will continue to maintain rapid growth trend

According to the "

IDC Asia Pacific PC display market quarterly tracking report (2006 third quarter)" part of the data Chinese display, the third quarter of 2006 Chinese overall PC display market shipments of 7017610 units, compared with the second quarter (QoQ) growth of 18.1%, compared with the third quarter of 2005 (an increase of 23.9%). LCD display market continues to maintain 95% year on year, the chain of high-speed growth rate of 33.9%. The price of LCD contributed to the decline of market demand growth, especially in the wide market, more manufacturers in the third quarter increased 19 inch, 20 inch and 22 inch Widescreen LCD market investment. "IDC Asia Pacific PC display market quarterly tracking report (2006 third quarter)" part of the data China display, the third quarter PC widescreen display Chinese market shipments of 692646 units, an increase of 171.9%, accounting for 9.8% of the overall market. Study on the IDC computer system Chinese senior analyst Wang Jiping believes that with the application of computer in entertainment products is increasingly mature, and reduce the cost of technology driven upstream cutting process factors, widescreen display will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend in the China market.

Wang Jiping pointed out that in the third quarter of 2006, China’s PC display market development has the following advantages and disadvantages:

favorable factors:

from the beginning of 2005, China’s 4 – C6 PC market demand has driven the expansion of the overall market. Not only that, the market demand in Western China has also increased. Manufacturers, Samsung, AOC and other manufacturers in accordance with the needs of users in the western region on a series of promotional activities related products. IDC believes that, due to uneven economic development in various regions of China, 4 – C6 city and the western region of the market demand will drive the further development of China’s overall PC display market.

with the further development of the digital home, now consumers have not satisfied with only PC document processing and the Internet, but to meet the film and television, games and other entertainment diversified needs, so wide screen and large screen display more and more favored by consumers. The third quarter of 2006 sales growth significantly in widescreen display. IDC believes that the development of widescreen and large screen display market will accelerate the transformation from CRT to LCD speed.

LCD monitor the overall price decline has further led to the PC display market to LCD speed of change. Because the LCD panel production, the whole plate cutting technology continues to improve, consider from the cost accounting angle, the average price of 19 inch Widescreen LCD display 19 inch 4:3LCD display is slightly lower than the ordinary price, therefore, in the third quarter sales growth of 19 inch widescreen display is most significant.

adverse factors:

international mainstream LCD panel supply shortage and price recovery, >


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