2011 buy industry guide the ten major trends

2011 is about to pass, this year’s e-commerce news, in addition to buy or buy. In the field of group buying, not only let us witness the myth of the rapid rise of an industry, but also let us see the industry slowly disillusioned. However, the industry is still buying a lot of legends, the following inventory to buy in 2011 to guide the ten major trends".


1, follow the trend

the rise of an industry, to follow the trend is inevitable, but also indispensable, otherwise it can not fire up. But like this across the whole network group purchase suit really is the influx of new There was no parallel in history., do not say, look, which now has large and medium-sized website not related to group purchase channels? Or directly organize the group, or the group purchase navigation, anyway, can not OUT.

2, low tide

is at a low price for the group purchase gimmick, many commodity prices may have been close to or below the cost price, no price is no advantage, so the group purchase station price war will fight to fight at outrance. In the end, who earned? Some people may say that consumers earn, do not know, most of the low price to buy things or services will follow a low grade. Really earned it? Not necessarily.


tide burnThe first half of

, whether in walking, car, subway or TV, newspapers, everywhere are the group purchase advertising, but also slowly evolved into a fight star spokesperson, let the group purchase website instantly become the media darling, hundreds of millions of advertising costs, it is in other industries can match.

4, dig foot tide

often focus on group purchase industry news is not difficult to find, often broke the group purchase station poach another station executives or employees of news, it is not difficult to understand, the station expanded so quickly, the station need capable, about where to find so many experienced talents? The most direct way fast: poaching.

5, financing tide

need to burn a lot of, a lot of talent, the money come from? The answer is definitely financing, financial information station, the station into the petty bourgeoisie, anyway, do not pay their own money to spend, not only heartache, loss of the market downturn.

6, listing tide

is the first half of China’s Internet craze, as the focus of how to buy the site will not heart burn more, dig more, melt more, nothing more than a purpose, rushed to the market. Part of the station to buy the boss also often stand on the confidence of the listing, as to who can really adhere to achieve the ultimate goal, you can wait and see.

7, layoffs tide

The path of the

revolution may still be very long, the most direct way to save ammunition is to throw away some people, but I did not expect to buy the industry can actually put this fine tradition


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