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Baidu consider strategic investment in domestic B2C e-commerce company

May 25th morning news, Baidu in the field of electronic commerce B2C joint venture company’s ambitions beyond Le 100 online, said its executives recently told the NetEase interview with science and technology, it is also considering B2C e-commerce company strategic investment in china.

this information may be of great value for B2C e-commerce companies, because Baidu has a lot of traffic, 40% of Baidu keyword search and consumption related.

fourth APEC (APEC) e-commerce business alliance forum on Thursday, Friday (20, 21) held in Chengdu, Baidu electronic commerce department general manager Cai Hu 21, attended the forum, he told the NetEase interview with science and technology gap at the meeting revealed the above information.

Cai Hu had said, "China e-commerce business will be more diversified. We are more optimistic about the future development of the field of B2C, our cooperation is showing that the fun day, the future will consider in-depth cooperation with other vertical B2C, even for strategic investment, Baidu monopoly and closed open platform, Baidu is the cornerstone of electronic commerce."

domestic B2C e-commerce companies boomed in boosting capital potential, Jingdong in the third round of financing obtained up to $150 million, the annual growth rate is 300%, other types of B2C sites are mostly achieved good growth performance. In the boost of venture capital, the industry has said that the B2C will cost 70% in the promotion, and Baidu is a very high conversion rate of advertising platform, Baidu statistics show that 40% key words related to consumption. If a B2C site can introduce Baidu as a strategic shareholder, its benefits may be shallow.


if their joint venture B2C, and other strategic stake in B2C, this model is similar to its layout in the field of video – it is their holding company Qiyi independent video network, also has a strategic stake in PPTV, cool 6 network.

for Baidu, e-commerce has become one of the important strategies for its development in the next ten years. After several years of trying, C2C e-commerce platform has setback, its strategic transfer to B2C. A month ago, Baidu and Japan’s largest B2C e-commerce Lotte invested a total of $50 million joint venture "Le 100 online" has been set up in Beijing Tongzhou. Cai tiger revealed from the information to see, Baidu’s ambitions in the field of B2C is also more than one hundred music online, he also plans to depth cooperation, and even strategic investment B2C e-commerce company.

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