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Why Ali and Haier cooperation solve the electricity supplier service breakpoint


text / Qiu Yong

Like Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and

Ma Mingzhe together to sell insurance, Ali and Haier together, is the most effective way to solve the electronic commerce service in the "breakpoint" — a large appliance / furniture logistics distribution problem.

an Internet giant, now look back to the real economy in the example of enterprise cooperation, such a story, can give us what kind of inspiration?

first, the Internet on the real economy is not just subversion, but also the need for integration. Over the past few years, we have heard a lot of Internet revolutionary deeds, it invaded the content industry, refresh the mobile phone industry, but also out of leather car, TV, retail life, and even a small navigator, routers, set-top boxes are not let go. The mighty power of the Internet as the book "the world is flat" words, such as a bulldozer bulldozed in the gap between the physical world and the digital world.

, however, come back, the Internet forces need to find the real focus, in order to eliminate the bubble. Ma Yun said this time: "I think the new economy is not just the digital economy, the real new economy is the perfect combination of the real economy and the digital economy. The development of the real economy, rather than the development of the digital economy is wrong; the digital economy is very high, the real economy is bad to say is wrong. Only the growth of the real economy, the digital economy has a real ‘digital’."

second, any enterprise must establish a humid ecosystem has a future. Ali and Haier cooperation, in fact, each part of the ecological relationship. Zhang Ruimin evaluation of Ali, is an innovative example of the Internet age, he believes that the key is that Ali is not an empire, is an ecosystem – the ecosystem is open, the empire is closed. Any enterprise will be alert to become part of another Empire, to avoid being "conquer", dry lack of lubrication business relationship will certainly produce friction, static electricity, as in the past the United States home appliance manufacturers and game state. A good ecosystem must be "wet", each platform and port, Ali and Haier cooperation, and SF cooperation; Haier and Ali cooperation, and can also be Jingdong. Mutual benefit, in order to win, really let consumers profit.

third, the Internet in the past is the pain point thinking, and now, should enter the breakpoint thinking. "Pain points", "itch point" is the Bible of Internet entrepreneurs, identify the needs of users, different from the traditional industries of the new thinking precise strike. The various service nodes connected to solve the breakpoint problem, also contains a huge business opportunities. It needs more parallel power generation, rather than series power generation, but also the need for complementary cooperation, scalable open.

as Zhang Ruimin said, only the era of enterprises, there is no successful business. I appreciate the kind of culture that I think is not, even from the black mentality, many companies have fallen into the trap of success in the past, only the market to deny their own, they will be the first to deny the past, it will not


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