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A Chinese girl in the practice of the sraeli start-up company notes

had the magazine scoring competitions on the global multi national image, because Israel is due to the Middle East and around the country with conflicts, people always instinctively equating it to the Arabia Iraq, Palestine and other countries. In fact, Israel as a Jewish state, since its inception, has some of the characteristics of the Jews, especially scientific and technological achievements.

a book about Israel, the kingdom of entrepreneurship, is a book that every one of us will come to israel. The book referred to a paragraph:

land area of only 1/459 in Europe Israel has given birth to many technology companies, which in the United States NASDAQ listed companies, the number of Israeli companies after the United States and Chinese ranked third. At the same time in the United States and other areas outside the region, Israel is the largest venture capital companies, covering all areas of business from the Internet to software development.

this book is called "national marketing" case model. In recent years, Israel has begun to reshape the image of the country, its core selling point is their own "high-tech" and "innovation and entrepreneurship". In Israel during the study, there is a school of an entrepreneurial alumni for many years in his speech said jokingly: "why do you want to go to the United States, this is the twenty-first Century Silicon Valley!" after reading that book, I was wondering how to deeply experience the wonderful Chinese entrepreneurial culture.

The results of

internship opportunities such as "unexpected trouble" general accidents. A Korean friend told me that an Internet startup is about to open up the Chinese market, the urgent need of Chinese people. So I threw a resume, a simple exchange of interviews, I became a marketing intern. Hold on the pioneering country and the development of the Internet industry to Israel’s curiosity, I lasted for 5 months, "into the interior, carefully". This is a time of practice with 9 men and 1 dogs.

1, the world’s leading flat organization

my internship company, as of now, there are 10 Israeli men, 1 Chinese women, and I. Location is located in Israel, the United States and china. Although only two years of startup, but has begun to take shape, across three time zones. The company’s original founder has 3 people: a CEO overall operation and attract venture capital, need strong business communication skills and strategic thinking; a product manager for CPO, an essential position as the Internet industry, communication between market and technology, the more important is the need to understand the customer psychology and demand; a pure technology CTO, in the high-tech startup, CTO is usually the core of the core. In the beginning, the core technology strength, directly determines whether can survive the first round of financing to survive. Israel’s high-tech production prestigious, thanks to the Jewish engineers. Another is responsible for the MKT guy, compared with the comprehensive background wellborn all of Europe belong to graduate schools, consulting with multinational companies for many years of work experience; in addition.


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