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Google G.cn enabled domain name cybersquatting storm triggered

, Google spared no expense to get the G.cn domain name and announced that it has pointed to the Google home page, Google to pay the price may be as high as $twenty million. Google G.cn domain enabled a message, and a variety of special short domain name suffix domain name was registered by the news.

it is understood that after the Google domain is enabled, the Internet ushered in a single letter domain name and short domain name registration boom, also special suffixes also borrows east of a fire, and a short domain name registrations representative recently on the rise. Reporters in the online search such as.Trrval (travel industry),.Mobi (mobile phone industry),.Net (Network),.Tv (audio visual),.Biz (business class),.Io (input / output),.Ws (website),.Info (information),.Ac (financial / academic); regional marking the domain name.Asia (Asia),.Us (America) domain name domain name) in the era of the Internet can be registered.

.Com.Cn, because the traditional domain has been well known, short URL has never again have the opportunity to register, however, such as with the local characteristics or industry characteristics of the domain name registration is becoming a hot spot. For example, the.Sh domain name, can represent Shanghai can also represent the store, such as.Sc on behalf of Scotland (Scotland), or on behalf of science SCience, Sporting Club Hotel (SportClub). Domain rich meaning and intent, clear highlight its industry and the special region, each domain has its own characteristics, the domain name, it would allow customers to identify the nature of the enterprise, let the customer eyes remember your business. The regional characteristics of the domain name also has its special market appeal, for example, many local enterprises in Shanghai as well as many plans to enter the Shanghai enterprises at home and abroad with the.Sh domain name to mark their Shanghai identity;.Hk (Hongkong) market appeal is be nothing difficult. Because of this, the characteristics of domain name cybersquatting trend will continue to short. According to the era of the Internet (www.now.cn) sales manager, on behalf of the regional characteristics in this kind of domain name registration in.Hk (Hongkong), tw (Taiwan) is particularly hot, with China and Hongkong, Taiwan heating trade, the two regional suffix domain name registration in the high growth.

Google domain name from Google.cn to Guge.cn and then to G.cn, the domain name features and user experience further. Internet experts said that the domain name is used on the Internet to find the location of the site’s proprietary logo. The Internet domain name "index" features, characteristics of domain name for enterprises on the Internet to attract business, extending the brand value. In the new economic era, any enterprise in order to enter the Internet can not cross the domain name has the basic stage, so its important existence value is beyond doubt.


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