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A week electricity supplier Ali stake in Sina micro-blog seven return into the consumer law

Ali shares Sina micro-blog Internet pattern changed

the evening of April 29th, after six months of 46 secret negotiations, Ali through its wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba (Chinese), Sina acquired micro-blog company issued preference shares and ordinary shares for $586 million, accounting for about 18% of micro-blog’s total diluted diluted total shares. In the big data, social networking and mobile Internet theme, this move, Sina Ali both shook the entire Internet, but also reflects the social Ali layout field and mobile field determination; face Tencent WeChat rapid pace of development of the layout of the mobile providers, Sina micro-blog first teamed Ali, micro-blog commercial dream within a short period of time to the rear of the major electricity supplier; heavy-hearted, marriage hero who will be the next


"seven day return" into the "consumer law" from all walks of life have

the morning of April 24th, the twelve session of the second meeting of the NPC standing committee deliberations of the consumer protection law amendment, "consumer law" for 20 years the first change, clear online shopping regret right. The draft stipulates: "operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within 7 days from the date of receipt of goods, but according to the commodity nature should not be returned except. The business operator shall, within 7 days from the date of receipt of the returned goods, return the price paid by the consumer."

this bill makes online shopping people can use the law to overwhelmed with admiration for the consumer, to buy their own goods to the dissatisfied rights, stakeholders expressed concerns about whether the bill will promote the "malicious return" behavior of the breed, bill should be considered in every way, in order to regulate the harmonious network shopping environment.

buy quietly pick up market prices rose

According to the

report, group purchase website in March turnover reached 2 billion 340 million, but before the data has been in 1 billion yuan, the group 800 data show that since 2013, group purchase monthly sales for 4 consecutive months of more than 2 billion yuan, the price of group purchase with the size of the market stabilized dark rose nearly 20%.

group purchase electricity supplier since 2011 staged a "thousand group wars" since, after bankruptcy, reorganization, merger and acquisition, the final remaining businesses in recent years to transition and discussion, at the same time, the layout of the mobile Internet business development, with the characteristics of 2 years. At present, the results show that the site has been in line with the normal gross profit margin, continue to be expected to achieve profitability throughout the industry.

business line: fast and easy layout Suning logistics service Jingdong overweight value-added services

Yi Xun was formally established in March 5th, the Department of logistics, also recently officially acquired is orange logistics, at the same time, known as Asia’s largest automatic warehouse distribution center will be officially started, will be put into use in 2014, the Tencent can see force electricity providers determination; Suning recently launched the international ticket business, now the opening of Asia, Africa, Europe and other 5 countries on the more than and 100 continents international ticket ordering.


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