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Mother and daughter of the first year of the contents of the community has come ready to buy you

When the

business transformation from a single commodity to commodity + content, marketing promotion activities from the transition to the content, businesses need to do is to keep up with changes in the flow.


2016 Taobao maternal and child industry conference site



network operators in the world by Yu Xiaoyan

along with the escalation of consumption, consumption of media era rise, electricity supplier mother how can you play? In March 28th 2016, Taobao baby industry businesses meeting to the majority of businesses revealed three key initiatives this year, Taobao launched a new mother, is the mother contents shopping market, All-in content operation, new market connection.

Pro baby: a new maternal and child content consumption community

is the content of Pro baby shopping guide community this year Taobao mother key, "safe" and "Scene", "guide" is its key, the market is expected to end next month on wireless.

According to Taobao

quality of life center for Zhang Di (nickname Jun source), pro baby is mainly to solve two problems, one is the security problem, the two is the quality characteristics of goods demand matching problem. As everyone knows, safety is the first user demands on maternal and child products, Taobao baby goods in Pro baby too many to count, the premise is strictly preferred quality businesses and commodities settled, settled and pro baby businesses will provide complete insurance mechanism at Amoy, a mother for providing free shopping experience and security.

wireless era has come, businesses need to become operational users and operational content from the operating flow. Based on these requirements, the pro baby will provide effective and concise content operation tool for the enterprise, through the scene of the shopping guide, will demand effective clusters of different maternal user, form the scene list provided to the user; personalized, characteristics of goods through the shopping guide, with thousands of thousands of people face big data technology and efficient distribution matching.

Jun source said, making this change, because with the mobile era, from the shopping guide, found that personalized recommendation products flow proportion is rising rapidly, has formed a very large scale, this is the change in user habits, from the consumption of goods for consumption in the evolution, which is why businesses must upgrade the content operation.

users in the operation, the pro baby will be achieved through the operation and operation of the community to reflect. About the mechanism of cooperation between the people, the baby to encourage businesses to cooperate with the mother and baby to encourage businesses to introduce people to recruit people, and thus the formation of cooperation. Businesses can be recruited in Ali’s Taobao talent platform for mothers and children, released content or micro tasks. At the same time, businesses can help people to develop good products, the formation of commercial interactive mechanism.

users in the community operation, pro baby will launch the city, answer pattern enthusiasts circle and consumption based on, will also launch maternal buyers shopping show, help social sharing and Crowdsourcing whole process; in addition, the micro Amoy.


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