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Visit rural electricity providers logistics empty to be filled

Some of the villagers in Northern Shaanxi

deep in the mountains, and do not know soy sauce bottles, their daily use of the soy sauce is packaged soy sauce. Where ripe apples can only wait for wholesalers to close, can not afford to sell rotten in the ground. Today, the rural electricity supplier is becoming a new driving force to promote the supply and demand of villagers and city people. However, the Beijing Daily reporter saw the mission in Yanan, because the rural infrastructure is not perfect, but in front of the electricity supplier is a huge problem of rural logistics and personnel vacancies.

supply and demand gap is broken

set up just over a month of rural Taobao Luochuan County Service Center has been busy, a few offices plus a small warehouse to become the whole of Luochuan electricity supplier hub.

electricity supplier platform to allow the richness of the mountains of the villagers, the brain hole wide open". Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters saw the scene at the warehouse, shoes, clothes are the villagers favorite, children’s carts, and even flat-panel TVs and other large appliances are also listed in the list of villagers in the purchase. Allegedly, a villager in the county for a long time to spend more than 7 thousand dollars to buy a flat screen TV, and the same type of TV on the Internet as long as more than 3 thousand yuan.

rural electricity supplier from the city to the rural areas of the commodity is called downward, commodity from rural to urban. Up to become a new way to solve the "going out" of agricultural products.

due to climate drought, is located in the Northern Shaanxi plateau of Luochuan in the traditional crops such as wheat planting has no advantage, some villages have been struggling on the edge of the poverty line. This economic crop planting apple became the county self reliant way. It is understood that Luochuan’s total population of 220 thousand, of which agricultural population of 160 thousand, in the county of 640 thousand acres of arable land, apple planting area of more than 500 thousand acres.

Luochuan county soil base village farmer Yang Kuanlin told the Beijing Daily reporter, this year added Yuanfeng Apple cooperatives, 6 acres of Apple by Luochuan Yun Feng fruit industry limited company all acquisition. Under the agreement, the planting process requires the use of organic fertilizer, organic pesticides, which later became the best-selling Apple Online Cooperative sales. After sorting, the apple online sales in size and quality is divided into a variety of specifications, the most expensive 5 pounds gift box has more than 100 yuan.

tasted the sweetness of Luochuan county has carried out all-round rural electricity supplier. Up to now, the county has registered 255 electricity supplier companies, shop, micro shop 4500, online sales of more than 10000 single day.

business talent gap

in the rapid expansion of rural electricity supplier, the talent is the key to determine the effectiveness of operations. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in Luochuan and e-commerce public service center to see, the county government to provide the electricity supplier incubator base, but some settled talent gap from the ideal there is a certain gap. Wang Fang (a pseudonym) turned out to be a small boss of a mobile phone store, under the attractiveness of the rural electricity supplier after training to join the army of rural Taobao. Wang Fang and his colleagues operate a total of four stores, but due to the lack of appropriate marketing knowledge, shop flow >


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