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Ah ah Chinese fast group purchase website group mode for market investment approval

these days, group purchase website market can be described as a blowout raging like a storm, development trend. Especially the myth of the American "Groupon" website, financing $135 million valuation of more than $1 billion 350 million, even more domestic group purchase sites are more confident and ready to. Will be more resources and better talent into a part of the business model, will be the stage of intense competition for enterprises to break through the road. Analysys International analyst said: the competition will be the next mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore group purchase website inevitable stage in the operational phase of the professional group purchase mode will be decided in the future survival of the core competitiveness of group purchase market.

as the main representative of group purchase market, ah ah CEO group, Mr Huang Zhihua said: "for China market development ideas, operation mode, strong financial support and solidarity and efficient execution team will determine a group purchase website of vital importance." In fact, the advantages of this group has been very clear.

"Groupon" model of Chinese style "innovation"

The United States

Groupon website began to subvert the people for a massive product group purchase group purchase website imagine, every day to push a discount product, per person per day purchase once, discount goods must be the type of service, service area, the size of the line sales team than the team line.


a lot of China entrepreneurial group purchase website in the copy Groupon mode, but industry experts generally believe that: "Chinese market may not be entirely appropriate for the Groupon mode, with a Y group as the representative of group purchase websites started China" innovation a Groupon".

although a continuation of the United States and the United States Groupon website has always been simple style and shopping process, but the exploration of China through all the details. Mr. Huang Zhihua referred to the "Internet environment differences with the United States China greatly, so innovation in service and operation on the need to be cautious." At present, ah ah group products are both those of some kind of Taobao, more is all kinds of products in service life consumption, such as catering, entertainment, leisure, beauty salons, fitness training, and other kinds of life consumption. Products suitable for the pursuit of quality of life of the population, but there are very obvious price advantage. On the future of the road of innovation, Huang Zhihua said, a group does not pay attention to innovation, and focus on creating. A mission has been identified on the basis of the development direction, a clear path to achieve. And in this process, will be presented to the world in line with the needs of the greater value of the Arab League model."

in addition, a group of companies located in the vicinity of the line under the operation of the team is also based on the geographical characteristics of the region to do the local product planning, details, etc.. And a very high flexibility of the team, you can at any time according to the market, changes in the fashion to make adjustments and changes for the user experience.

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