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Analysis in 2012 for the grassroots webmaster to operate several types of websites

new year, imperceptibly we will soon celebrate the lunar new year, in the past year, as a senior webmaster I created eight large size seven stations, but most of them died halfway, all kinds of reasons, there is because the server is not stable off, but also because of traffic turn off the poor, because there can not find suitable profit mode and turn off the site. Because of the above reasons the site was eventually closed, I think the absolute minority, that in the end what the site is suitable for long-term operation we grassroots webmaster? Well, here I have to analyze several 2012 sites suitable for the operation of the grassroots.

first category: QQ space, screen name, constellation class

QQ space station code is said to be in the last few years the most popular sites, the number of large scale, we have to search on Baidu, out of the station mostly appearance template are similar, but we don’t even say, are the same, because the acquisition. The net name, the name of the game characters are not a few types of owners, the form and QQ code station almost the same template, the content is not bad. Constellation class site? And the above two types of station is almost the same, mainly by collecting a large portal constellation channel content for students.

but because of this, this kind of website is a great living space, because the flow is large, this kind of website, Baidu keyword search and the top ten, are at least tens of thousands of daily traffic, there is a good point, and original content is updated every day, even in the flow of more than about one hundred thousand, just hang what display ads or pop-up ads, the January income is five digits. But in 2011, this kind of site has been a big blow, that is, Baidu launched Baidu applications, the following to Zhang screenshot, we look at it to understand.


you see, no matter what we now search keywords, as long as the search volume, Baidu applications are everywhere, almost all ranked first, it added a great blow to the living space of this kind of website is no exception, in 2012, so I do not recommend our individual owners in the new the year also do this kind of website.

second categories: Taobao guest API website

Taobao guest author in this is not much introduced, if you do not even know this stuff, then this article is meaningless to you. Taobao guest website as one of the most mainstream sites, the number may have or exceed the saturation point, especially the API of the site, they only upload up, then the program will automatically update daily collection of Taobao online content, personal webmaster convenient operation is convenient, but you have not thought about it. Site and significance, and during 2010, Baidu implemented a massive blow to the site, was almost killed is completely routed, and 201>


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