Taobao off the road hard Wangzhuan novice

2006 has been engaged in corporate website design, 5 years of design career feel very tired, do not stop the station but did not earn much money. Very early start on a station, see the scenery during the study Wangzhuan, hao123 married into a wealthy, see a flourishing web game station, see Taobao off the myth (Taobao billboard ranked first week off even income is 6 digits), also saw the rapid rise of 2010 group purchase network, I think he is not to do what? You know do site, it should be easily a lot, so in October 20, 2010 the first Taobao guest website online, novice.

often at night time on the Admin5 station network, the Internet to see the recent events on the inside, see Wangzhuan, see advanced experience higher with the experience, to see the most is Taobao guest wangzhuan. Initially registered the Ali Mama account, sometimes I buy things online or buy friends colleagues will check there is no commission, finally made a simple API page, but after a week or 0 website income, online at this site is too much, almost as like as two peas. I think the API page is too complicated and with Taobao’s page almost, why should anyone else from your site into Taobao, Baidu and just at that time a large number of passengers to ban Taobao API page, so directly to the site closed, and then think about what to do again. After about a week, a chance to see a previous article in the Admin5 Adsense online, he also made Taobao customers, but not simply call the API page, single product promotion website weight but do tell the truth, do website does not look good, but he did very good optimization input "slimming products", the top 5 ranked at home in Baidu, I have some understanding of the site optimization, then he felt this website should earn a lot, he also wanted to imitate the product of the weight list, after careful study found that reducing fertilizer products high commission but too many people do, suddenly thought he bought two days ago to remove the black eye cream Commission is quite high, and now a lot of computer group, have a family stay up eye, do this should also have a market in the evening, in the Baidu search. A get rid of the black eye products list, in fact, "a certain list with almost the same layout structure, in order to save I have imitated, here first to the eldest brother apologize. Toss a night, get rid of the black eye products list released, second very excited, immediately with his girlfriend, two people in the Baidu Post Bar, Phoenix Forum, YAHOO knowledge hall and other well-known forum posts, hoping to import some traffic, third days after the line opened this morning and found Ali mother income. Ha ha, the turnover of 3 pen earned 80 yuan Commission, the moment is really too happy, momentum is greater, so it is a large number of registered forum posts, but a week later found no deal, forum posts all Post Bar was deleted, ID was also the letter was really collapse. This is not the way to feel, or think of S>


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