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Taobao zern off contest broadcast The path winds along mountain ridges. strong return

jointly organized by CEEN and Admin5 zern stationmaster net "the third season" world famous Taobao shoes zern guest "promotion contest" at the end of the race each other the grand scene of the second game in a long-term and stable policy support! Zern, high commission returns, have given the passion of the Amoy Promotion…… second months to achieve leap. Leap, overall performance is doubled in advance than the first month, who can Hold live here monthly gold Taobao

off?Since the start of second months of

, "strong Yu Qingping 2" no suspense among the top three, single day turnover amounted to 5 items pen; High Commission scored 142.34, the shoes "CEEN zern Pamir Walter business dress shoes men shoes casual shoes X0108"; this month won the title ahead of coquettish! Contest ranking! This month "startling step by step" is a little less, into a low-key mode, scored only 7 pen, "taobaoss137 and darkeyes4" in the left tail, follow up a victory with hot pursuit, we expect him to accumulate in the final match monthly follow-up force, Bo, get good grades; and for "taobaoss137" this month finally patience broke out, won the third of the good results of


from the Tao guest turnover shoe, CE en when season shoes and sandals into absolute main force, such as "CEEN zern summer men’s New England leather casual fashion breathable hollow shoes X0015" etc..

‘s first monthly pre match three:

Yu Qingping 2 reward total Commission of $300: $1670

wanpower1027 reward 200 yuan total Commission: $879

taobaoss137 reward 100 yuan total Commission: $692

at the same time, a new incentive plan to continue, during the event of the first successful promotion of new (except zern is Taobao customers and successful promotion of the small prize) to encourage


second monthly tournament Rookie Award List (awarded 50 yuan):

please contact QQ554322874 award winners to communication matters (results published within 14 days after the no contact is invalid)

new hot

zern recently launched the "cool summer special" (http://s.ceengz.tmall.com/view_page-253559654.htm) as the quarter flagship product, get a lot of attention to the customer. No matter from the style, quality or comfort, it was unanimously praised. The guest who pay attention, you will have to adjust to the strategy of


please ask Mr.

to explain below

last time in the orange school and everyone points


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