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Analysis on the profit model of the local moving network in first tier cities

, a successful local flow station is not how high, but with the number of accurate customer, I in recent months have been running a local type moving station, at the beginning do not know method of ranking, but do not know how to make money! Here I will talk about some experience of the local operation move the site, tell you how to make a website where to move a moving company money.

for a local moving website, must have good rankings, now rely on Baidu’s website as long as have a good ranking can have a customer flow, the author in this station! Move a few months to first-tier cities keenly aware of the moving company for network promotion efforts, we can easily enter the XX moving company in Baidu. The auction is over. Of course, we have a look to know the importance of moving companies to promote the network. Here we will introduce the next place to move the net profit!

: first the development of the Internet is nothing more than advertising, of course this move of our local network is the same, but we must attract local moving company advertising! According to the general market, small ads are generally moving company 200—400 in January, according to the circumstances of the. Although only 200-400 but we can recruit a lot of advertising.

second: we can cooperate with the moving company, the customer order information sharing, only customers move to submit the information, we will give the moving company, of course we are divided into the mode of cooperation, so that better ensure and moving company cooperation, this is the effect of customers.

third: if the site is stable, we can put together to move the company website, of course, is the annual pay of Joseph, so a lot of trouble!

This is where

move profitmodel, of course we do not offend the moving company, because he is giving money to you, such as the words appear off, off, we should fill up with the greatest sincerity, so that cooperation will feel worthwhile, to bring our website

Everfount interests!

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