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Taobao customers do with a half year revenue 8000 yuan experience

Taobao is in July last year, Taobao really started to do guest from the beginning of August, to a total income in February this year, there are more than 8000 yuan, I believe that this figure for many Taobao customers master, just plain nuts. Today, this article is not written to prove anything, just to give yourself a career to make a small Taobao summary, but also hope to inspire some new friends. 1 years ago, now has not contacted the Wangzhuan friends, then I also don’t believe you can make money online, and Taobao off this occupation is due to open shop, also don’t believe, then slowly understand that Taobao customers can not only make money, but mom in the income of the site billboard is deeply stimulate me. Since others can do it, why can’t I do it? So I began to study in this forum every day.

learning process is no longer said, because Taobao guest actually method is very simple, nothing more than is to let others click through the promotion link to buy, thus get commission. The most important thing is to do Taobao guest is how to get clicks and buy, this is what Taobao customers to study. Because of the time, and is mainly to try holding the mentality to do Taobao customers, so it is mainly with the promotion of the blog, although now a lot of big screen Taobao blog site has guest link, the road is now becoming more and more difficult, but I believe that as long as the heart will have a good income.

below to talk about the blog I think I need to pay attention to several points:

1 blog site selection.

Although Sina

blog has shielding Taobao customers, but there are a lot of high weight blog site can choose. You can search in Baidu you promote keywords, see what blog site in Baidu’s weight is higher, but also can put Taobao guest link. Because our blog promotion is mainly by the introduction of the flow of the search engine, so the weight of the high blog site for the collection and ranking is very important.

2 blog also want SEO.

if you are going to do blog promotion, or to learn some knowledge of SEO, such as the choice of keywords, long tail keywords, keyword density and so on, especially the long tail keywords if appropriate, will bring a lot of effective flow, of course, your income will increase accordingly.

3 blog write soft effect is very good.

soft Wen promotion effect is recognized by Taobao customers, if you have good writing, to promote the products to write the original soft (such as the use of experience, product identification, etc.) has very good effect. Of course, also need to carry out the promotion of soft SEO (such as the title of the article, keyword selection, keyword distribution, long tail keywords, etc.), this will increase the probability of being searched.

4 blog based, supplemented by the forum.

our blog has been built, but also made a lot of original articles, we need to


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