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nnovative Workshop on the financing of entrepreneurs six entrepreneurs advice how to get their mone

Innovation workshop COO Ning Ning’s actual entrepreneurial experience is relatively small, she followed the Innovation workshop this platform to observe the dozens of investment companies, she felt the pain of the growth of start-up companies happy. In addition, the Innovation workshop is also a start-up company, Tao Ning as COO also encountered many problems encountered by entrepreneurs.

in a dark horse camp financing courses, as a dark horse mentor mentor, talked about two questions: who took the money, how to get.

the following excerpt from Tao Ning oral:


a good idea to come back to me for money

has a lot of money, VC and PE are just part of it. For instance, when you start a business or run a business, you have your own money. If you are short of money at the beginning of the business or in the middle of the process, you need family and friends to give you, we will feel that he is an angel. Generally speaking, in the face of these angels, you open the mouth is relatively easy, do not have to sign a formal contract, to discuss good.


is polite, just leave a little trouble. This relationship is likely to become more complicated when you borrow it from a lot of people. For example, when there is no stock, it is difficult to determine the number of shares to be accounted for. It’s not good to predict, and sometimes it hurts. Therefore, relatives and friends have advantages and disadvantages, according to their own situation and their relationship to consider clearly.

I think, three years of bank loans is very easy to use, although there is interest, but how to calculate other than the cost is the lowest. First, the interest is fixed. Second, is a business relationship, not owe. Therefore, I would like to think about the bank, the bank can not think of it, the short term would like relatives and friends.

advice two money is a cost

if you think you need more money, long-term commitment to these institutions dealing with the development of enterprises is very confident, whether it is technology, products or themselves are willing to go a bit too far if we consider investors.

VC and PE want something very simple, equity. For the development of good companies, financing costs are very expensive. There is also a cost that investors will follow you for years, until you sell, or are listed. VC is to make money, and the sooner the better money, the actual goal is consistent.

in addition to VC, PE, and then strategic investors. You need more and more resources, and may even develop to the stage of mergers and acquisitions. The biggest advantage of strategic investors is that they have resources. It has two purposes, the first is to make money, more importantly, I hope you can meet the development of its parent company’s main business.

VC talk with you is to make money, strategic investors are more concerned about how to combine their main business. The two are not the same for you.

what kind of investor is suitable for you? If you are strong you can pick investors, investors will chase >


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