Beginner you know what to do.

as a beginner, you are not feeling every day in confusion, do a lot of others to do the rest of the project, you can earn a few bucks? Very distressed, very depressed, you once lost confidence, but you know what to do, because you don’t know where your own way that he should do what, so even if you insist on, even if you have perseverance, you can only blind search, this is probably a lot of beginner confusion, as a novice, you need to do the following


1 master one or several foreign technology, can be a station, can be SEO, can be online marketing, but you must have their own technology, have their own core competitiveness, you are always working for others, you’ll never get rid of being cheap labor out of fate, so do Wangzhuan before to learn a technology, the technology is not important to make money, but if you do not know what is the HTML language, you don’t even know how to send the anchor text, just imagine what you earn money!

2 find a good teacher, you make money and technology thinking really teach teacher, may be hard to find, and that many teachers want to charge, but you have to remember, free is always the most expensive, even if you use other free templates are not good for others to add a few links? Easy find the charge teacher, the key is to find the money to make money can also teach you the teacher, there are a lot of online fraud, do not blindly learning, because he can’t teach you the real technology!! on yourself, look at other people’s evaluation, use Baidu Search, what are the……

3 always remember to learn Baidu, don’t understand problems to use Baidu Search, there are many solutions you don’t know, but Baidu know, so don’t blind yourself in that study, make good use of the experience of others will make you more effective, otherwise the time is past, look at the closed door China You’ll see. closed he is such a foolish thing, always remember to learn from others, you are just one person, not arrogant, you may not have experience with the ability to fight


4 found one of your study partners, you can learn the depth doubled your learning breadth may enhance ten times!! more exchanges, you will not what others may, you will what others may not, so the exchange will broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge. You can use the experience of others so that their detours! Find partners is very simple, when you add the Wangzhuan group and you chat very speculative will become your partner!! but we should pay attention to prevention……

5 do Wangzhuan, you should always remember, others to help you, you must first help others, no one has the obligation to help you, so if you give others to help others, when you are in trouble will also help you! Don’t think the others will be their selfless dedication of money tips

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