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Several ways of making money online for College Students

must have a lot of school students would like to have a part-time effort, especially that time the school first entered university, Yi Gunao better idea of it. In order to increase social experience, to improve life, in short, the future is full of good vision.

The traditional way of

part-time tutor, distribute leaflets, supermarket promotions, questionnaires, waiters, selling phone cards, a newspaper, the congenital condition is also good to go to the bar as a singer, when etiquette, have proficiency in a particular line also have to do a part-time teacher, website design. I go to school when there are too few to do so, the feeling is not learning what things, and persecution by unscrupulous intermediaries. Now students part-time mostly through intermediaries, but this year the swindlers intermediary is really too much, so if students should go to an intermediary registered you should know more about the situation, ask the familiar people have not done in this intermediary. I remember the most is the one thing in a newspaper to see a copy of the text, excitedly ran. Or at a very high-end office, the boss also cheat the first with an air of importance allow you to write a paragraph of text, see what you write, and then will shuadiao were not well written; and put out the business license for you, said the reason for the pen instead of print because these are an invitation to more serious, at the time that this should be true. When it comes to the final boss said to pay 200 dollars in order to bring back the information, then the money to pay the heat. Back to school copy of the overtime, when to make things a few days have been left vacant.. I remember when the incident was reported on TV, because many students cheated.

so everyone in the choice of intermediary must be cautious. Say so many traditional to talk about online part-time. I think students would choose part-time on-line is a good choice, no way out of school, sometimes without skipping out; and a lot of time on the Internet bubble, but most of the time are idle, even do not know what the Internet to open computer. Here are some of the ways I know online part-time.

a, open shop

now shop blossom everywhere, in addition to Taobao eBay pat, Baidu’s C2C platform is also coming on-line, some other small C2C platform even more, so many people shop, it is difficult to earn money. If you want to feel that the personal online shop must have new products, low-cost purchase channels, but also some of the brush credit rules. Some people have seen the school badge on-line sales, selling roses made of underwear, do not lose a good idea.


WitkeyThe word

Witkey also appeared to have several years, more well-known sites also have the pig, the task China task design, class (technical requirements), programming, documentation (like the name ah, planning, creative, marketing (high) registered post, etc.). If you have a good technical or creative can choose to do Witkey, but the incentives are more competitive.



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