Development prospect of DC in Western China

what is called IDC?

do this line I would like to know, in Chinese means the Internet data center, English Internet  date  center.

ha ha, is not a little ostentatious, feel shy ah, know you can skip it, do not know or understand.

360 line, the line out of the top, then you choose which line?

in the increasingly fierce competition today, whether you are a business elite, or a powerful government official, or other… And their initial career planning.

was born in 80 I chose to do the Internet, select the IDC value-added services, in the increasingly fierce competition today, our pressure is not small, we understand the point to say, this is a generation of countries cast aside, the original primary school college is not money, when we read the university the graduate is not money, when we graduate students in compulsory education, more winners, there is no way in the capital city of our pupils’ reading not only grants and fees, and the hope of the nation, the flowers of the motherland!

said that many complaints at all to no avail, we can do is to bear, and then make efforts, born in 80 we, millionaires have few, why some can be very successful, but why do some meal tired?????

National Internet initial core layout is Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, along with the development of national Internet currently has 8 nodes that, anyway, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou’s rapid economic development, the economic development of the Internet is also very good, the development of parts resource has restricted the situation the IDC industry, this time how to do? In the eyes of everyone together are aimed at the Xi’an this node WD center here, the speed and bandwidth is no problem, Tom, such companies early on this land, the Tencent in this casual shot is about 30000000, but there is a point defect is that the price is a little bit higher compared to individuals…

I do IDC, is a kind of value-added service, we can do, we do, not just because Xi’an has the highest level of the 4 major telecom China node of the WD center room, it is because I believe in this industry, I believe our friends, colleagues.

I would like to say that the development of our four Bo Internet can not be separated from the efforts of each staff, the choice of us, is to choose the hope of tomorrow!

four of us now whether it is in the Internet Bo domain name registration, virtual host or other IBS services, server hosting, virtual IDC business has made great progress, this is everybody’s achievement, we honor, not me, not a person…

has been in the industry for so many years


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