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Talk about a few young people want to make a few W will need some resources

has a lot of grassroots webmaster website, said in the W Yuan people earn a few months, why so much of the flow station people like. Language through the envy ~!

In fact,

earned a few W people, I would like to have a lot of people in the ADMIN5 ah ~! Why others can succeed? I have these types of resources to analyze their


1: they have very good SEO technology, the SEO technology, most people did not learn, at least in the ADMIN5 did not learn, don’t ask people to experience high SEO he released on the website, it is not realistic, people search for the experience of its cost is less than we would like the.

second: they have links that we can’t imagine. As we all know, SEO content is king, link to the emperor, when you have a large number of links, you are not far from success.

third: This is the most important point of "resources" they have unparalleled connections. Perhaps you will say, this seems Wangzhuan SEO or you Never mind, completely mistaken. I know, in our ADMIN5, and Baidu, some of the staff in GOOGLE There are plenty of people who know. When you have these connections, you are afraid of your site can not be successful? He casually revealed a word to you, you have made ~!

fourth: Oh, this is interesting, it is your money, money, more than three points you can easily do it, no SEO technology, you can spend money to learn, no link, you can buy, no contacts, you can use the money to build, of course, some friends will say, I have money. I do this? This is a bit like a chicken, or the egg "problem. But I have always believed that a person to make money, never have money to make money fast

try to make money, webmaster friends,


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