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20 comments on the profit model of community website

a, Tencent Wu Xiaoguang: how to make the community charges a reality

(1) if you can meet the user’s emotional and sharing needs, charges can be achieved. According to the experience of Tencent, the key to the success of the community is to see whether the audience can meet the emotional expression, publicity and other information outside the subjective needs, as well as the ability to share good things to the needs of friends.

(2) if you can create value for users, to a certain extent, users are willing to pay. Although the prevalence of the phenomenon of user aversion advertising, but community advertising is not terrible. Key to see whether users can create value.

two, Myspace China Luo Chuan: Chinese Internet users taste quietly changed

(3) with the community environment to attract Chinese users. At present, many people still believe that Chinese mass taste vulgar, "material" level, in fact, is gradually from this level, more and more people are in urgent need of a high grade environment. For example, as a high grade symbol of China "National Geographic" magazine, 2000 sales of just 10 thousand copies, now at about 800 thousand copies, which in part reflects the quietly changing Chinese grade, and the key point of this transformation is around 2004.

(4) user groups and advertising space has great potential. Chinese community website user coverage is not more than 50%, is not a normal distribution (mostly young people), so with the United States to present normal distribution and basically meet all the needs of real life, China community sites have great potential for development. In terms of word of mouth marketing, should be concerned about the future can produce like Doubleclick, Panama and other great American advertising platform


(5) profit model for example: custom data packets and limit the number of spread. Such as L’OREAL packets, available to the user to make a choice, if they like their point of view can be seen to open the machine, because it is self acceptance, and limited transmission in the site, this form of packet can learn from.

three, Qihoo Qi Xiangdong: community to life but also to the commercial

(6) the future of the community and the commercial value of life. So even if the location is not entertainment, authoritative information and other community sites are also promising. For example, a trash site, someone sent demand, trash business will offer a large number of users keep abreast, select a best price, here waiting for manufacturers door-to-door. Similar to meet the daily use of the actual use of the site is also very promising.

(7) do not apply traditional advertising community profit model. Such as Ms. sachet in the community, generated by the user using a lot of experience and evaluation, can let the user for reference in the purchase of sachet before positive evaluation for the enterprise is also a sachet of publicity, are very real value for users and enterprises.

four, Sequoia Capital Account: let users decide the site’s design, services and advertising

(8) community


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