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A recommended foreign text advertising alliance

Text-Link-Ads (TLA) and infolinks, it can be said is a recommended foreign text advertising alliance.

but TLA audit efforts than other links to buy a little stronger, so your site does not have a certain value, TLA audit will not pass.

below I will explain the method of TLA registration and installation of code.

    1 open the official website: http://s.text-link-ads.com/ click on the lower right corner of the "Create Publisher Account" for registration.


2 open the registration page, in accordance with the interpretation of the picture to fill in, in fact, all the registration information is not much difference.


3 after the login account, click "PUBLISH ADS > > SUBMIT SITE / PAGE", add your blog.


4 enter the URL, choose whether this is a WordPress program, because the TLA provides a convenient installation plug-ins.


5 if your site has not been added, then there will be a successful page


6 Click to install the code button, enter the following screen.


input is completed, click on "download the plugin" download plug in.


7 will download the plugin to the WP plugin directory in the background can be activated.

is waiting for the rest of the home buyers.

note: TLA is the way to make money, one of which is the sale of InLink, in any of your document, the buyers to purchase keywords he needs, TLA will automatically add this keyword link. Without any of your actions.

1 monthly payment date is TLA, TLA no minimum payment limit.

well, the tutorial is over.

I wish you a lot of money!


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