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CPS can not be divided into advertising B2C life-saving straw

Many new

B2C counterparts in fantasy in CPS into Eslite advertising, by 16% to 10% of PPG, attracting a large number of individual owners invested, so as to defeat PPG. Think, as long as the money, earn less money or not to earn CPS into advertising is the best. In fact, this thing does not rely on general!!!

first of all: what is CPS divided into advertising?

CPS (English cost per sale), which is in accordance with the billing sales success of payment, in particular is not in accordance with the guide users after the arrival of the number of users have purchase or buy a certain amount of the proportion of billing mode.

understood from the text, CPS zero risk, because it is based on successful transactions to pay commission. In fact, many people ignore two factors: one is the launch of CPS service fee and monthly management fee, CPS do a better job within the industry alliance is the result of CPS network, the opening of the service fee is 5000RMB, the monthly management fee is 2000RMB; two CPS is a non mandatory advertising alliance does not guarantee how many websites will put your CPS advertising, if your brand or royalty is not attractive, probably not several web sites.

2: CPS

personally, I think, for some well-known B2C site is not high, CPS is not the best choice. CPS open service fee and fixed management fee per month, in fact, there is no price. Imagine, if you invest a few thousand dollars a month, but in exchange for a few or more than a dozen small sites (IP<, 1000) to put in a month to increase the amount of sales is likely to not be more than $1000.

3: why would anyone put my CPS ads on


this question is easy to answer, empathy, if you are a web site, CPS is free to choose, by now have VANCL fame, VANCL is divided into up to 16% I, what makes you an unknown and the percentage is only 8%


fourth: VANCL is really by CPS defeated PPG


I can tell you the answer, certainly not! VANCL CPS advertising, as far as I know the results should be net doing the best, but the results so far from the network got into Eslite advertising costs only about 700 thousand, the conversion of sales is 4 million 375 thousand. The sales of total sales compared to several hundred million customers, in fact, is not the focus.

only, peers such as PPG, Dangdang, excellence in doing it, and in order to occupy the market, and improve the opportunity to display VANCL on the Internet, we’ll do it. We can draw a conclusion that the CPS of all passengers to win PPG did not play a decisive role in what.


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