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Today’s headlines a content APP why valuation $500 million

Zhang Yiming

when you see this article, we are talking about the company – Beijing byte Beating Technology Co., Ltd., has completed a total investment of Sequoia led micro-blog voted $100 million C round of financing.

byte beating founder Zhang Yiming to entrepreneur revealed that the company C round valuation of about $500 million.

like many newly created mobile Internet Co, know their products, today’s headlines than people know "byte beating and more. However, a company set up more than two years, a recommendation for individual users to read the contents of APP, $500 million

and the company’s early investors, Heiner Asian venture capital fund partner Ms. Wang Qiong on "entrepreneurs" said that this year in March 2, negotiated price, "today, it is low."

mobile Internet to change people’s lives, the valuation of mobile Internet applications test people’s imagination. In early 2014, Android Application Search (now extended to mobile content search) APP pea pods B round of financing $120 million. Earlier, Baidu nearly $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 radio. Recently, the EU is on the acquisition of WhatsApp Facebook antitrust audit, Facebook ready to pay $19 billion for the transaction.

number of users to determine the valuation of the glare. From Zhang Yiming’s figures: today’s headlines currently download activated users 120 million, more than 13 million active users.

What do

headlines today? It is a recommended search engine, according to the user’s social network data, and recommendations for the users to search information on the Internet; user feedback on content recommendation will make recommendation after approaching precision.

this is not a new technology, we have already been on the amazon. But at least in China, the first to be attached to a particular area of "guess you like" technology independent, applied to the whole network content (currently mainly News) distribution. This is a qualitative leap.

it conforms to the requirements of this personalized era of content products: vertical (based on user interests of various vertical), and mobile. It looks like a robber: he does not produce content, but to take the initiative to do more sophisticated dissemination of content. This brings the current monthly advertising revenue of 10 million yuan. In the traditional media for the realization of the anxiety of the moment, the "robber" with the algorithm stand out, easily realized with the content of others to realize their own.

who should it be grateful for, the producers of content, or the opposite – it is at least as proof of the importance of content, though it sounds like a satire.

how did Zhang Yiming do it? What he is doing now is no different from what he had thought 5 years ago. He is very clear about his technology in this era:



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