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Zine founder Lu Yi entrepreneurship to follow the heart, seize the moment

lead: when you do something you really want to do, you will be very hard to overcome many difficulties. Entrepreneurship is to create wealth, but also to do a meaningful thing.

June 6, 2014, sponsored by the IDG capital wholly owned, sponsored by the state of the art magazine IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be held at Zhongshan University, Guangzhou. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus. Zine founder intended to share with you the theme is to follow the heart, seize the moment, which is his true feelings of entrepreneurship.

the following text according to the site record finishing, without my review:

Hello everyone! I may be the most special person in the speech. I am neither a IDG nor a big alumnus. I’m from Shenzhen. The entrepreneurial state invited me to share with you the history of my business, I was working eight years after the start of the business, how do I embark on the road of entrepreneurship, here to share with you.

today to share with you the theme is to follow the heart, seize the moment, this is my true feelings.

when I was a kid, I’m not like this. Things to do now, different from childhood dream. When I was a child, I wanted to be a pilot. My favorite book was the book of planes and ships. High school, civil aviation cadet to, I took, because too tall, not more than 1.8 meters, I have more than 1.9 meters, the hardware conditions are not met, my dream will be hit. How to do, can not open the plane, you can design the aircraft, I am willing to volunteer for the college entrance examination. When the college entrance examination, many parents will be a lot of staff, my father let me learn the economy, my mother let me learn medicine, and now, the economy and medicine can get a good income. If the aircraft design, may be in the rain, many years out, but I want to design the plane, because good design aircraft is my dream.

my dream has not realized, I got the admission notice, that is a never heard of professional, it is possible to now, there are many students have heard of, is the air traffic control. This is what the work is, and now the aircraft at the airport and airlines to work, they arrange how much oil aircraft, flying how fast, when to take off, are responsible for air traffic control. I got the notice was very depressed, or read a year, or go, I chose to go to school.

had to know, not because you don’t do well in exams, but a strange combination of circumstances. I was in Xinjiang, then apply for the southern school, a total of more than a dozen people, there are only two boys are not wearing glasses, the professional requirements of the boys do not wear glasses, eyesight, the civil aviation Dean think this boy had to go to the civil aviation aircraft design. Before the civil aviation is still good, regardless of treatment or income. This >


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