s it really so hard to make money

movie station now innumerable, especially the garbage station, a program of batch data collection, on-line. Advertising is full of the earth, even if it is a regular movie station, but also more than a few, it is possible to see a Chinese movie station every day, with 7 or 8 years to finish. Then some small flow film how can we retain user stickiness? Not only to retain users, but also know how to use a small visitor caused a big profit! Every IP can not let go! Is the website home page must be concise and advertising less, users looked better, at least not every step carefully to go by, according to the advertisement in fear. If you really like the station advertising, to do a guest station, like the www.qq318.com because the station itself is advertising, you put more advertising did not scold you, the premise is to put the Taobao advertisement. Because they are shopping! Nonsense not to say, and now look at the following methods!

1 to build a QQ group, so that users and more exchanges with you, for example, the fastest response to the user, to the user based, you collect more movies, no one to see, is not the same useless. So to the user based.

2 do not put some erotic flow Union, to the IP are garbage, others have to click on the erotic image to your station, and found that it is not, will immediately close!

3 do not put the window, display shells, adult classes to click on ads, these ads do not make money.

4 site clean and tidy, don’t be seen by others to think rubbish station! Don’t do connection with some newly opened movie station!

on the above points, right, mainly talking about how to make a small flow of money.

I put on the MM advertising, although the price is not very high, or quite satisfied, monthly income of 500,

, but not put it, there is so much money. This is the need to communicate with users, to help users to click on ads, only income, although this is cheating, but money is most important! Like each other for film, I will help others in the group with little advertising, shouting to help me, and in the group of users to chat chat, driven by the group of active degree.


above is my point on the movie station summary of skills, although not very comprehensive, but if you can help make your movie station Wangzhuan income increased, I also feel very happy.

in the coming days, the station will be on how to make the movie station earn greater Wangzhuan income will be published articles, please pay more attention to the station. Thank you!


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