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The experience of a new Taobao passenger station summary

contact Taobao customer in April this year, before it is paid attention to, once in the online chat with a classmate when I know, he told me that they do Wangzhuan, from him to the URL, I see Taobao off this thing in the forum, for the word Wangzhuan when I was in college, I heard of, but may be too busy studying or ignorance, no real contact. This period of time in the establishment of the process on the Internet I also saw some of the Wangzhuan tutorial, that are beginning in 2005 many industries do Wangzhuan good now, now I just feel missed a lot of opportunities. I think Ma said it is absolutely reasonable, you do not do e-commerce in 5 years you will regret, it was said a few years ago. It is true that I have a little regret, but it does not matter, China’s Internet is strong, I believe that from now on, it should not be too late. In this case, I would like to act on it, here I talk about the experience and feelings of this month, Taobao passenger station.

1, domain name and space selection

has just begun to do stand, I asked my classmates about the domain name and space for the purchase, he told me the direct use of foreign space, he said with foreign space, no record, save a lot of trouble. But I have my ideas, I think to do a Taobao station, if the space with foreign words, the website does not record, give a person a kind of feeling is not the official website; I usually browse the site is so important, first look at the site has no record, if there is no record of it, I’m not going to it has a great dependence. Since we are doing Taobao guest website, is a kind of shopping station, it is more formal, so I give up the foreign space, choose the domestic space. Then there is another problem, it is very important to the new site, the choice of domestic space, I think all above to register to buy, but because there is no construction experience, I do not know how to record on the Internet, also check the record of the information, the feeling is too much trouble, because the site to hurry on the line, not by the words of the domain name registration is very troublesome, so I expect to find the proxy record, just when I added a Taobao customer novice group, group is doing this, everyone in the group said, so my domain name and space is bought with him. Under his guidance, I learned the domain name resolution, binding and other site operation. Speed really fast enough, the domain name for two or three days on the record approved by the audit.

2, web site selection

if you understand technology, you can complete the entire site, I believe it will take a lot of time. But do not know how to do it ", never mind, the Internet developed today, online resources a lot, but I still hope that the novice is best not to use free of charge, as did someone say free is the most expensive. For Taobao guest program, the site has a lot of free, but also cracked version of the. But I do not choose them, my Taobao program is also bought. I do not choose free reason: 1 free >


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